Buy me some pretty


A friend of mine offered me the opportunity to write a column for a newspaper he recently purchased. I gratefully accepted and the offer couldn’t have come at a better time. He approached me right before I was planning on throwing all my stuff in my car, leaving South Pasadena to head to Northern Idaho to buy a piece of pretty. I am in the, post-divorce, house sold and kids left stage of my life. As sad as that may sound, it is quite the opposite. It is the most liberating and adventurous stage of my life, so far. I am happy for the opportunity to get to share this adventure with the readers of this newspaper. This is the blog version of the article.

The plan is to buy land and build a balancing Zen retreat destination for the stressed and over worked. So far, the plan seems to be universally supported, with the clouds pointing to Idaho all the way and to landing the perfect apartment over a little knitting shop by the Kootenai river. I can’t tell you how wonderful it is to be up here in this beautiful environment shopping for the land I am going to choose

I had nowhere to stay in Idaho when I left LA. I just trusted something perfect would show up, and it did. I almost refused the offer at first, as the apartment was farther north than I wanted but the call came at just the moment I needed to grab something. A friend of mine called me with the offer the day before I was checking out of my motel in Coeur D’Alene, which was too far south and I still hadn’t found something in the area I was hoping, so I grabbed it. It is ending up being the most perfect quaint and peaceful little town a writer could hope for. I am enjoying strolling this sleepy little town listening to music on my writing breaks, immensely. This is meant to be, it is perfect. Affordable too.

Of course, I didn’t bring any furniture and I packed as little as I possibly could. The only problem with the apartment is that it was empty. Well, it just so happens it is above a knitting And upholstery shop. The lovely land lady, just so happened to have an extra-large thick piece of foam, she didn’t need and put together a little bed for me. A very comfortable bed, I must say. She also asked if I needed a padded chair. As a writer I was worried about getting a sore butt, so, yes, I enthusiastically accepted. She then magically pulled out a big thick padded super comfy chair she just so happened not to need at this point in her life. Well, what do you know? I think, I am meant to be exactly where I am. I am so grateful to her.

They say never fall in love with the real-estate you want to buy. Well, that advice proved to be wrong with the house I purchased in South Pasadena twenty years ago. My ex-husband and I sold it for a great return. It was a real estate success because I was in love with it, but also, because South Pasadena is a good place to invest in real-estate. This time, again, I plan to fall totally in love with my next real estate adventure.

Since selling my house in South Pasadena last year I have not been totally sure of what to do with the money and where to go. The one thing I did know, was that I didn’t want to do something safe and secure. I wanted to do something interesting and adventurous as I am a typical Sagittarius. I did the safe thing in South Pasadena for twenty years and it was great. There really aren’t too many places as beautiful as South Pasadena but to be quite honest, I was bored. I needed to take on a challenge and rock my comfort zone. Which is exactly what I am doing and I am having one heck of a good time doing it.

People here are so helpful. I just got a nice wave from a handsome rugged dude in a hand painted light bright green truck with a huge Newfoundland dog smiling at me from the back. I like it here. Stay tuned for more.