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Updated my profile page and mission statement to share as a blog. Enjoy. 🙂

I am a psychic channel and consider myself to be on mission servicing the greater whole by communicating the channeled information I receive.

Recently, I channeled information that most of us, myself included, are out of balance, which is what is causing the abundant frequency rate to drop on our planet. Being out of balance with our internal and external energies, is, literally, the root of all our troubles.

I started this blog and Instagram page to share and express my understanding of the information and my efforts to practice it as I receive it. I am not a perfectly balanced human, I am, what I like to call, in the re-balancing process, which takes time and patience.

The information on how to re-balance our energies within, within our relationships and within our world is important because out of balance energies drops abundance and balanced energies restore or reinvigorates it. I received this balancing information through a hermaphrodite horse named Belle, which I have written a couple of blogs about you can find on the blog page.

My purpose is to help aid and restore balance to as many people as I can, to do my part in the restoration of abundance to our world. I am a light worker supporting and helping other light workers manifest and create the changes in our world that light workers are here to do. Stepping forward to create change is tough and staying balanced as we do so can be difficult, but important. Each person I help re-balance, is one more restored and abundant person on our planet. An abundantly restored person spreads abundance because abundance naturally spreads when conditions are balanced or ripe around it.

By helping others re-balance, helps ingrain the information on a deeper level for myself. I am a spiritual student, who teaches to learn. It is the way it was intended that I service the greater whole, the way I believe it I am meant to reinvigorate abundance.

I offer Energy Balancing Tarot card reads. In these reads I locate your male or yang energetic out of balance perceptions that are dividing you from your feminine or deeper subconscious truths and beliefs that blocks or hinder your expansion.

We divide our internal female and male energies because of fears. Our internal male energy turns away or divides from our internal female when she is in pain or is hiding wounds we don’t want to feel. However, these are the deep wounds that keep materializing in our lives because our internal female is our manifesting power. She is the materializer and her hidden energies cause us to manifest what we don’t desire if she is out of balance. Many of us have repressed our inner female expression of her truth and these reads let her out. We locate any deep wounds that need healing.

These energy balancing card reads can be quite powerful in shifting you into faith or into a more balanced perspective which shifts you into your positive energies. We go deep and dig out those deep out of balanced fears that keeps you stuck and motivating in life from a fear place. We manifest our intentions. These card reads put you back into motivating from a place of faith, which raises your frequency around that which your inner feminine yearns to manifest for yourself.

I also offer Energy Balancing card reads for couples. These reads help the two of you work or balance the two energies between you, finding the right role each one likes to play regardless of gender. These energy balancing reads are great for lesbians, gay and straight. We all have to two brain lobes to utilize and balance both energies with and we have two energies to balance between two people as a couple, as well. I could write all day about how beneficial I find these reads can be in restoring balance in romantic relationships between people. These reads can also help guide people in work relationships as well as balancing these two energies is, I believe, the secret to success.

I offer Twin Flame guidance and Love Tarot reads. If you need to know who is truly in your heart, these reads can help guide you to your deeper understanding of what is going on in your love life. Again our heads and our hearts tend to get disconnected causing us to be lost on our path towards our true love. These cards reads put you on a confident and trusting path towards a fated love experience.

If you have any questions or want to contact me feel free to email me
at madelainehill@sbcglobal.net
Thanks for letting me be of service.