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I am officially calling the start of the road trip. Although, I am not officially on the road and the house is not quite on the market, I am in the road trip frame of mind. You see, I have pretty much done all I need to do for the house so now I am just preparing and planning for the trip ahead. It’s all I can think about. After surfing the web last weekend, I can tell you that there are some pretty interesting places to visit on airbnb. I am ready to press submit reservation as soon as those papers are signed and I hand over that house key.

I am told, that my house will probably sell pretty fast so I’d better be ready. I am going through everything I am bringing to make sure I don’t bring anything I don’t really need. I don’t want to be burdened with unneeded belongings but also, since I will be writing my energy balancing book, I do need to bring all my journals. And being the female that I am, and quite creative with that word need, I must of course have all my spiritual accoutrements etc like my chakra cards and essential oils.

I am booking airbnb sites that interest me the most in California and Oregon first and then I’ll head farther north as it gets warmer, like the birds. In fact I may just follow the birds. I’d like to check out Banff and maybe the west coast of Canada. We shall see, I am mostly choosing my trip via what airbnb places are available.

I shall test my last few days living in this house using only that which I am bringing on my trip so I can see what needs to stay or come.

So, signing out for now and as always more is on the way. And follow me on soullevels on Instagram I am having a lot of fun posting soul lifting post. Have a fab day.