Tea house

A Japanese Tea House

Building a Zen Balancing Retreat Destination

Land shopping is a pretty fun way to spend the day. We drove through the most pristine and way out-there country. Country, that was a little too far out for a single girl’s comfort, but never the less, some of the most beautiful country in America, for sure. To be honest, today, felt like the best day of my life. I get to decide between one piece of beautiful land over another. And you know what is so crazy, I thought yesterday was the best day of my life.

Yesterday, I got hopelessly lost deep into Idaho country, east of highway 95 north of Sandpoint. At first I was looking for areas I wanted to tell, my cool brilliant young millennial realtor, who understands exactly what I want to do, the areas I wanted him to look up for us, today. However, I got pulled deeper and deeper into the country by the seduction of one beautiful turn after the other and got lost. The next thing I knew, I was close to Montana. I totally forgot I was land shopping as I was transfixed, distracted, bedazzled by the beauty of the country. I was totally in the moment. A wandering girl’s best kind of day.

As I was driving around with Kyle, my realtor, I explained to him, in detail the rebalancing dwellings I plan to build. We walked a few plots together envisaging where each one could go. He seemed enthusiastic about the idea and full of good ideas and had solutions to all my concerns. He can tell right away when we pull up to a place if he thinks it will work or not. We both know what I am looking for. A place for my friends, families, clients and anyone else who needs, a peaceful calm place to retreat to and intergrade with nature. A place to effortlessly rebalance and restore your inner calm.

The Zen Japanese tea house is the inspiration for this idea. The Buddhist knew to be abundant we must be balanced in the way nature is balanced. Integrating with nature is the best rebalancing agent, so, my rebalancing dwellings will mimic the inside out houses of the Japanese tea houses in Japan. There will be doors only, no walls and no windows. I will integrate the houses with the natural setting. I plan to not alter the natural state of the environment as much as possible. I plan to use trees that have already fallen on the property as I have observed how abundant fallen wood is on most of the land I have seen so far. The doors will be wooden framed with glass panels, so, I will be using a minimal amount of wood. Of course, I’ll use solar and alternative heating, hemp cement etc. I plan to use the most Eco advanced materials I can afford. I even have a floor plan designed and ready to be engineered. There will be minimal furniture, a sunken living room with an oven in the middle. The bathroom will be in the back and the doors will slide anyway you choose to make your shower indoors or out.

The Japanese hired master carpenter, craftsman and the tea house was considered a piece of art. I hope to build beautiful pieces of Zen art dwellings that restore visitors to their natural balanced energies. For that, I must find the ultimate master carpenter, craftsman to build them and I KNOW! the Universe will send the exact right person at exactly the right time. That is the way everything has been working out, so far. 🙂

More soon. Namaste