I have been keenly aware of my psychic abilities my whole life but have kept it mostly a secret because my father, a skeptic, told me psychics were nonsense and not true. At the age of twenty, during, a particularly active psychic period, I found myself unable to focus on my school work. Fearing myself to be insane, I sought the help of a psychiatrist who informed me, I had a sixth sense and that it was a gift to help people. At that point in my life I didn’t see myself as a professional psychic, but thought I could help friends and family, if ever needed. Eventually word of mouth grew and I started getting hired to contact passed loved ones and spirits guides. Things grew more for me as a psychic after helping the mother of a young girl, who’s tragic passing shocked the community. I connected with her spirit and her spirit guide to seek clarity around her passing. They educated me on the ten levels of the souls evolution, and informed me that she was a level ten purified soul. This information had such a powerful impact on us, that the mother of this young girl help me start my website, which is now called soullevels.com. Also, around that time in, 2007, I discovered tarot. Initially, I just read for myself, which then grew to doing reads for friends and family which grew to a friend starting a yelp page for me. I am now a professional tarot reader and have also been teaching tarot divination in workshops for three years. Since embracing my psychic abilities more, my channels have fully opened and I have been channeling important information about energy balancing which I share about in my blogs and workshops. I have been regularly holding spiritual workshops for the last five years. Since experiencing first hand how important spiritualism is, I have been dedicating myself to helping others learn how to grow spiritually.