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About  Madelaine Parker


My name is Madelaine Parker. I am a psychic channel medium. I have been helping people communicate with loved ones who have transitioned to spirit form for over twenty years. I have also been helping people with spiritual counseling for over fifteen years utilizing tarot divination as guidance. I have tested tarot card reading so thoroughly that I am completely convinced that card reading along with the help of astrology and energy balancing knowledge are extremely strong forms of spiritual guidance that helps us back to balance.

Recently I have had a powerful experience channeling information that I feel compelled to share. What I heard is that we are, most of us including myself, operating too much in our masculine energetics to cause abundance for ourself. This causes a drop in our abundance attraction frequency rate thus blocking abundance for ourselves and our world.

I was born the daughter of an American diplomat and I grew up traveling the world. I was exposed to many cultures and forms of belief. I was taught at a young age to be open minded and accepting of all beliefs and religions. When I came across this balancing information I was struck with how universally applicable it was to all the religions or philosophies I learned about. This is basic information on how the universe seeks expansion through us and all living beings. It does so through the balanced fusion of the two polar opposing forces one feminine and the other masculine.

I am dedicated to sharing this universal information so others may benefit from the extremely beneficial effects of being energetically balanced causes in our lives and world.

Let me help you heal and restore you back to balance, so that you can live and experience the highest best life you are here to experience.

I offer energy balancing private sessions as wells as group interactive workshops. I also offer energy balancing tarot card reads for private and sessions and parties. I also teach tarot divination workshops online.

For more information on workshops coming up or for private sessions please contact

Madelaine Parker

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