Welcome. My name is Madelaine Parker. I am a psychic channel medium. For over 15 years, I have been helping people with spiritual counseling through tarot divination as a means of guidance and healing. If you are feeling lost, if you’re in pain, feeling out of alignment, anxious, depressed or just generally freaked out, I can help. Through the healing power of Tarot, I can help restore you to balance and faith.



Energy Balancing Tarot Card Read – I have developed a process of reading Tarot that’s completely unique using a grid I’ve personally channeled. My method of reading allows me to tune in to exactly where you are out of alignment, what deep wounds need healing, and how to restore you to balance. When your alignment is restored, you feel empowered to live the life you want and that your dreams are possible. $80 for a one hour private session. Virtual or in-person.

Life Purpose Tarot Reads in Romance or Career – I specialize in Twin Flame, soul mate, past life or karmic relationship reads, and reads to reveal your true purpose and best career path. Love can be so confusing, and my readings will provide you with clarity and confidence on your path to true love. In terms of career and purpose, my channeled grid will reveal what’s blocking your abundance, how to clear those blocks, and provide clarity of action on your best path. $80 for a one hour private session. Virtual or in person.

Quick Questions – Just have a quick question? I can provide answers! Should I take this job offer? Should I go on a date with this person? Should I invest in this opportunity? The cards and I will give you clarity and confidence to make the best choice that resonated with you. $60 for a 45 min private session. Virtual or in-person.


Workshops: I teach Healing Through Tarot Divination Workshops and Energy Balancing Workshops. For information on my next workshop or to set up a workshop, please email me at madelaineparker111@gmail.com. I also channel information about feminine/masculine Energy Balancing and Soul Levels, which can be found via the links above.

Tarot Card Reader for Parties– This is a great way for people to bond, get to know each other and have deep and meaningful conversations at parties. At parties the reads can be private or open to all to watch. Often these card reads attracts an audience and the reads tend to turn into group healing and bonding sessions that everyone can learn from.

To Schedule an appointment and For more information, email click this scheduling app link below


madelaineparker111@gmail.com or call 818-2o3-0895

  •   Madelaine is simply the best.  I've been honored to be in her presence more than once.  Her intuition is always spot on.  I invited her to do a read for several of us when I was visiting the area.  She went out of her way to accommodate us.  When she left us we were in complete awe and amazement.

    thumb Kim B.
  •   Madelaine has helped me so much. Her tarot readings have been enlightening, clarifying and uplifting. They always resonate with what my intuition has been trying to tell me, but I just wasn't listening. I have also seen her help my friends and bring a sparkle back to their eyes.

    thumb Karen P.
  •   I just had the most amazing reading by Madelaine! I walked out of it feeling very empowered, very confident, and actually very liberated. She's extremely knowledgeable and just so lovely to be around. She also mixed in a bit of astrology as well, which provided for such a well rounded experience. I'm honestly glowing after it all. If you have any interest in a reading, do yourself a favor and book with her now!

    thumb Maggie C.
  •   Great reading!!! I highly recommend, Madelaine! She was spot on!!! Madelaine is very generous in sharing information she receives from spirit through the tarot. Madelaine gave me guidance, understanding and direction, ultimately I felt much more peaceful about navigating the challenging issues I had worries about.
    Feeling grateful to have to have connected with her, money well spent!

    thumb Kathleen S.
  •   I've used many readers and intuitives over the years, & Madeline is the one I keep returning too. That pretty much sums it up- She's that GOOD & ACCURATE.  Madeline's also very dedicated, enthusiastic and has a natural-born gift that can't be taught. She's like a tarot wizard -really really gets the deeper meanings of the cards. I've loved working with her so much I took a class and my boyfriend even joined us because he got so much from his reading that I gifted him w/ Madeline (as a present) -that speaks volumes since he had never had any type of reading before.
    Every time I've had a reading with her she's been so fun, given so much advice and time & even checked on me when I was going through a rough patch. Madeline's the BEST. Truly a beautiful soul that's very tuned in to deliver accurate relevant guidance. I've recommended her to so many of my friends and clients

    thumb Lisa C.