logo for Ebalance flyerHello, welcome to Soul Levels. This website is dedicated to helping those who seek a balanced way of causing expansion and abundance for themselves. Like a boat that is tilted too far on one side, our journey towards expansion can be more challenging by out-of-balance energies. The more evenly we apply our efforts, the less resistance we experience. Applying these balancing principles can cause rapid improvement in our lives.

Feminine & Masculine
Yin & Yang

The universe causes expansion through the balanced blend of two opposing energies: feminine and masculine or Yin and Yang. There are two versions of each of these energies. One is a lower frequency, fear- based energy which observes and anticipates lack. The other is a higher frequency, faith- based energy which trusts in assistance from the universe. When these energies are out of balance, abundance and growth are blocked and we experience disease, suffering and lack in our lives. When we operate out of the higher frequency energies of faith in both our feminine and masculine energies, our lives align with the infinite field of possibility and we experience abundance.

The Challenge

Currently most of us are out of balance. We over utilize our masculine/Yang energies, trying to cause abundance. This depletes us, drops our attraction frequency rate and traps us in a cycle of working harder for less. When we operate both energies in the lower, fear-based energies, we drop our energetic frequency rate which blocks abundance.

The Shift

This cycle of out-of-balance energies can be improved by shifting more into the feminine/Yin energy. When we shift into utilizing more of our feminine/Yin, we instantly feel more inspired, aligned and alive. We shift to a more heart-centered way of living our truth, which aligns us to our most abundant path. To shift out of the negative energies, we observe all that is good and working in our lives and our environment, and we call for more. To create balance, we restore both energies back to faith.