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 Shifting to Feminine Present Receptive Observation Mode

Universal expansion happens through a positive blending of two polarizing energies, one receptive and the other penetrative. Every living being is given both energies to cause universal expansion for themselves. Each one of us has been given a varying degree of each one of these polarizing energies and the level of dominance of either of the two energies determines the individual’s life purpose. For example, I am 80% female (receptive) 20% male (penetrative) and my life’s purpose is to be a receptive channel. Our fated destined other abundant half or our divine partner will polarize our energetic frequency and cause an energetic balance with us that naturally resonates at the frequency of abundance.

Homosexuals are androgynous and hold less polarization of these two energies, for example 45% female or male to 55% female or male energetic ratio. That is why homosexuals can switch from both energies easier than heterosexuals. In fact, I channel that homosexuals and hermaphrodites, (I channel this information through a hermaphrodite horse) are sent here to teach us by example about balancing these energies.

It is also important to understand that this is not a gender rigid structured division of these energies. A man can hold more of the feminine receptive energies and be very a masculine creative artist or musician and a woman can hold more of the male penetrative energies and be a very feminine lawyer or businesswoman.

No matter the dominate leaning of either of the two energies, I channel, currently that most of us are out of balance leaning too heavily on our male energetics. This is causing a drop in our energetic frequency rate which is causing a drop in an abundance attraction rate for ourselves and the total planet. We are mostly pushed into over utilizing our yang or male energy because of anxiety which is mostly caused by social trauma or a collective consciousness that holds a belief in lack.

All suffering is caused by out of balanced energies. Male yang energy seeks fusion with the physical and the feminine yin energy seeks to be fused with by spirit energy. To simplify, the male energy deals with the physical and the female the spiritual. As we mostly suffer from being out of balance and fusing too much with the physical, to counter balance our suffering we need to shift into feminine receptive and fuse more with spirit energy and allow ourselves to be more fused with, or to become more receptive. Here are some suggestions and ways to balance out over fusion with the physical and become more receptive.

Another way to divided the energies would be do say that the feminine energy is the heart feeling emotional energy and the male energy the thinking mind and logic energy. When the feminine energy is in observes mode she feels her feelings about what she observes so that she knows if it is abundant or not as apposed to the masculine energy that uses thinking logic to assess the environment self of others. Feelings and emotions are the feminine energies compass and thinking and logic is the masculin compass.  The feminine energy knows what is happening through the feeling emotional body.

5 step guide on how to shift to our feminine receptive.

1.She observes and intuitively, (which means she uses her emotional feeling compass), to determine all that is abundant good and working in the immediate environment and with herself or others.

She goes still, silent or stops and observes using her emotional inutifive feeling compass all that is good and working in herself, others and her immediate surroundings. She uses her emotional compass to feel or determined what is good and working in self and others.

 2.Once she identifies what all that is good and working she calls or asks for more. 

After she observes all that is abundant and good and working she meditates, prays, visualizes or day dreams and asks, or calls for more of all that seems to be good and working. This is how she accesses the fifth dimension and fuses with spirit energy.

3.She matches the energetic frequency of what she has asked for.

The feminine energy now needs to match the frequency of the new level of abundance she has called for in her environment. She is sensitive and can feel the frequency levels of the energies within her, around her and in others. She seeks to raise the level of the frequencies so she creativly raises the frequency of the energies within herself her, environemnt and others by artificially mimicking the frequency of abundance. She does this through decoration or with the arts or with music, celebration, faith raising rituals, dance, theater, or just in the moment playful wastes of time. The more frivolous the activity better, the more unproductive the better, she knows high vibrations causes good health and good wealth. She knows that the state of our emotional world needs tending to so that the frequencies of the energies within and all around are high enough to attract anundance.

4.She trusts and patiently receives the abundance she knows is on the way. 

She is always aware and connectetd of her emotions which communicates to her what is good and working in herself others and the environment. She is always ready to connect with spirit to call for more and celebrate the arrival of abundance. Because of her solid daily connection with sprit energy she has total faith and knows what she has called for is on the way. If what she has asked for hasn’t come then it wasn’t what sprit wanted for her or for the highest good of all. She knows and has knowledge of the ever presence of spirit energy providing and that more of all that is good and working is on the way. If she can’t see exactly what she has asked for then she knows that what is coming is better than she could have imagined.

5.She manages the energetic frequency and monitors the condition or health of the greater whole. 

She knows the importance of maintaining high energetic frequencies in her environment so that they resonate at the frequency of abundance so that abundance may come through. She cares, nurtures, soothes, heals, cures, all around so that the global energetic frequencies of the environment matches that of the frequency of abundance. She reinvigorates and restores the masculine energy so that he may be refreshed, strong and healthy so he is able to retrieve more abundance. She also restores his faith so that he may resonate at the higher frequency of abundance and attract higher frequency opportunities to retrieve abundance through.

Feel free to contact me and I would love to know if this is clear and easy to use information. 🙂


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Madelaine Hill