all things love


Hello Everyone,

Each week I am hosting spiritual online workshops. These are gatherings of small groups of people interested in progressing spiritually utilizing the tarot as the divination tool. There will be one free one hour open online spiritual workshop every Wednesday evening at 7:00pm-8pm. Anyone can join in with an invitation code which I will email you. I will give tarot card reads and teach how to read cards for yourself by explaining how I read tarot as I go.

I’m excited as this week’s workshop falls on the day Venus finally appears as an evening star after two months of being invisible. This week’s workshop will be all about love, romance, pleasure, and all things Venus. We will want to raise our vibrations to align with the powerful and magical energies Venus wants to bring into our lives. We will utilize the tarot to expose any walls or perceptions we may have that could be blocking our progression in these areas.

For an invitation code to join please email

Or, if you want to schedule your own personal read with me you can contact me at the above email address. You can also arrange for your own personal online group or I am also available to do live (lol) small and large parties where I give individual reads to people at the party. Also if you want to call me feel free 818 203-0795 🙂💞

Join in, have fun with us and grow more spiritually into your abundant self. 🙂


Lots of Love Madelaine <3