How can you tell if you are out of balance?

1. Pain in your body.

2. Feeling bad about yourself or feeling shame or guilt. (Observing only the negative).

3. Low abundance or working very hard for lack of abundance in return.

(Remember, as the cow eats grass, it also plants and fertilizes more grass as it excretes, sometimes at the same time. That is the number 8, the flow of abundance where all is returned effortlessly as easily with which it is given).

Now, the reason I happen to have come across this information, is because I too needed rebalancing. The reason I am writing about this for others is because this is how my soul yearns to serves the greater good. I am a spiritual student who shares or teaches as I seek to understand. I too, am a result of our current mass thinking and conciseness and I sometimes fall into negative male energies when I am triggered. It is not easy staying in positive energies all the time. I am just the messenger of this incredibly wise information I have channeled, however I have not mastered rebalancing myself. I have however, seen remarkable improvements in those areas above in my life, simply through consciously rebalancing.

This week I was asked to write about guilt and shame. If we are feeling ashamed of ourselves, low self-esteem or guilty, we are in fear base negative female energy. Female energy is observant and negative fear base female energy observes only the bad in herself and others. She is judgmental and critical. If you feel bad or depressed then you have an abusive shaming internal female who is in fear mode and blames you for the lack of abundance you observe. When we are feeling these ways about ourselves we need to wake up our positive female and invite her in to soothe the frightened sister with nurturing self compassionate and emotional support. A positive female response to our guilt and shame would be to take the time to reassure yourself and seek the source of the shame. Sometimes our shame is healthy and making amends will clear the guilt and other times our shame stems from a traumatic childhood experience that needs clearing but no matter the cause we must turn to positive female nurturing energy to restore our vibrations.

If you have any questions on fear clearing and how to balance your energies feel free to contact me at We are currently planing workshops to accompany the workbooks that are hopefully ready soon. These workbooks will help you step in and out of female and male energies in a balanced and easy way. All we have to do is balance our energies and our lives become abundant.