Balancing the Soul Kayaking

A couple of years ago right after I started channeling this balancing information I discovered kayaking. Boats in water are an obvious metaphor for balancing. A boat can only stay afloat if it is balanced. Too much pressure on one side of the boat tips it over or turns the boat in circles. I find the boat metaphor to be really helpful in explaining the whole balancing concept. However, I had no idea how much more I could learn about this balancing information until I actually got in a boat on a river and tested it out for myself.

One of the first things I channeled about the dual energies was that myself and a lot of us are operating too much in negative male energy, or anxious fear based actions. I was naturally born with a predominance of feminine energy. At the time I was focusing on developing more positive in-faith masculine actions to be balanced and it was improving my life. However, after kayaking a few times I learned a lot more about the masculine energy. I had no idea how tough he had to really be. A few times I had to grit my teeth to push extreamly hard away from the boulders I was rushing at or I was certainly going to tip over and get hurt. I didn’t know I could be that strong.

The balancing information I channel tells of how we need to resonate at the energies of relaxed faith to be balanced thus being in the energies of positive expansion where all is safe and good. Well, it was hard for me to stay calm and relaxed a few times as I approached a few of those rapids. You can hear rapids a while before you reach them. Big rapids and small ones sound the same.

The rivers I kayak have small to medium size rapids and are not that deep plus I am a decent swimmer. However, you can get hurt on the rocks and loose your boat if you fall. At first when I was learning to kayak the sound of the rapids approaching caused me to have a little anxiety and I would tighten my body in anticipation of possible disaster. Although, luckily, I didn’t get hurt, I did get stuck and panic at times and have to push brutally hard against rocks for protection. I’d get gallons of water dumping into my boat and I was not getting through the rapids very well at all. One time I got so stuck I had to put my legs out of the boat to push and nudge myself out of the rut. The water was rushing so incredibly powerful around my legs but still all the nudging wouldn’t budge the boat. I had to stand up with the boat straddled between my legs, lift the kayak out of the rocks, put it back in the water and jump in before it rushed away ahead of me down the river. It was fun I have to say but I decided to risk it, to try the balancing information, and try relaxing through the next rapids to see what would happen.

I heard the water raging ahead. I decided to take a different way through this particular rapid I had taken before. I took a deep breath and relaxed as I approached the noisy tumbling water that turned a corner I couldn’t see around. It challenged my ability to stay relaxed but I knew I needed to commit stay in faith and be calm. The rushing water grabbed my boat and the water guided me towards the bend of the river. I stayed relaxed and allowed the river to lead me through. I held my oar up high to lightly tap my self away from the fallen trees along the edge of the river. As I tipped the trees the river pulled my boat through the easiest part of the rapids and I shot through that rough patch like a rocket. It was one of the most fulfilling experiences I have ever had.

This balancing information seemed to prove true. I saw, the more I relaxed and allowed the water to guide me through the rocks the more I flowed with the natural flow of the river. In a balanced relaxed state I was able to get through the turbulent and troubled waters the easy way with grace. When I was relaxed the kayak the water and I we were one, together flowing resistant free through the twist and turns of the river. As a metaphor for life the more relaxed we are the more balanced we stay through turbulent times and twist and turns in our lives. Staying calm and in faith gets us through it, what ever it is.

Thank you for reading. Namaste.