Bumpty bump

Bumpty Bump Bump Bump

That was all I could think to say on the phone while trying to help someone forward on their spiritual path, recently. They repeatedly said or interrupted, which is fine as I often stumble around looking for ways to intellectualize this information. They kept saying, ‘this is just so hard, so hard.’

At that moment, I realized going male on delivering the spiritual information isn’t necessarily the first way to go anymore. In other words, using the mind or intellect or logic and reasoning to clarify, which is a fair and grounded way to approach anything including spiritualism. In fact, I love intellectualizing spiritualism with all the intellects in my life. Now, however, I realized, that that is the old way and I woke up to a whole other layer to my own messages.

As we act more in our feminine energies, the more risks or leaps of faith we take. The more leaps of faith we take, the more in contact we come with our deepest fears. The more we come up against our deepest fears, the more fear taming or balancing we need. The more balancing we need the more spiritual practices we need. So, going feminine means, taking the spiritual approach for solutions, which is to soothe our fears and restore our energies to in faith frequencies calming them so that we may become balanced and attract abundance.

When we make the switch to a more feminine or spiritual approach to our lives we will not be running from our fears anymore and they will meet us square in the face. That seems more difficult, but in fact it is just a call from your higher self to develop more spiritual practices and be more proactive in balancing your energies.

Restoring faith is what I do and today I woke up to how often I accidentally lean on my male energetics to accomplish this. This time on the phone as I exhausted myself by over utilizing my male energies, I just said, you know what, life just has bumps in it and we just ride them out and say bumpy bump bump bump. Finally, this person said,” you know what, that, right there, really helped. “I said, “what”? He said,”, bumpty bump bump bump.”