The Four Energies


Female/Male energies must be balanced in the positive for anything positive to happen

When we observe a need there are four energies we can activate in order to address it. If you see you are activating in any of the negatives, GO FEMALE! Ladies first. Once you activate your desires to Source using positive female power, stand by as the opportunities will come flying in at you. Be ready in positive male energy to leap on the abundant opportunities that will present themselves.

What energies are you activating in today? We are being asked to stop activating in negative  male over drive to achieve abundance. That only stops abundance from happening. Instead activate positive female actions and watch your life become instantly more abundant. Observing abundance and celebrating the abundance you currently can see puts you in abundant energy. For example, enjoy how abundant the leaves are on a tree. Celebration is the energy that attracts the most abundance.

 Positive Male Energy Chart

Best male chart