Catherine Ledner

Go for it!

It was a pretty fun week giving reads at parties and gatherings. The message was loud and repetitive.

What I love about giving reads is, you get to have meaningful conversations about meaningful things with people. I was the daughter of an American diplomat and grew up going to countless parties with dignitaries wearing posh clothes and making polite conversation. It bored the heck out of me. Never have and still don’t do well with superficial conversations. That is why being a card reader suits me just fine.

At one party, it got too windy outside so we moved into the kitchen, which is the best place to do reads in my opinion as it is the heart of the house. It’s more intimate and focused. Usually, at parties when I do reads, a group tends to gather around the table. After those who have already had reads realize the deep and inspiring information the cards give, they become intrigued to hear the messages others are getting. People feel safe to let their walls down in front of others because the reads are non-judgmental. We drop our walls when we realize we all are struggling with something we could use a little fear relief or spiritual elevation around. Seriously, every single one of us has something. These parties tend to turn into what I like to call spiritual group therapy. That is the best form of therapy because when we let our secrets out or we share our struggles with a group we put our darkness into the light and the light outshines and heals the dark.

The information that night was repeat and consistent. One woman, I had given a card read to earlier in the evening, flew back in to sit next to her friend she had sent my way. Her face was pretty lit up and ignited with passion. She expressed with joy, ‘I get it, I get it, the cards want us to live our passionate lives, our heart’s desire, to go for it!” I said, “YES! Exactly!” She then asked me how it was that I could do so many card reads without tiring. I told her that I was servicing the greater whole utilizing a gift I was given to service it with, which, recharges me. I never tire of giving reads because it ignites me to ignite you! It is my passionate hearts desire!

I love how the cards don’t care how big or small your situation is, there is an important message regardless. Or, weather or not you are a kid or a highly-paid psychologist, to the cards, everyone’s situation is important. Some of the most fun reads I give are for young teens who are still so easy to inspire. One young man I gave a read to was pretty upset about wanting to buy something he couldn’t afford. Well, the cards slammed down all over that thinking. It said, go for it! You can have anything you want. The cards wanted him to figure out a way to earn money, raking leaves or help his poor overburdened mother. You can do it, the cards said. The cards told him he had more power than he thought he had. He leaped out of his seat to go after his mother to see if there was something they could work out. He came to me a little sad and bummed out but left, shall we say, a little lit up, or ignited.

I gave one read that I keep thinking about repeatedly. Another young man. Gosh, this kid was cute, so eager to do everything right but just so down on his luck with girls. Who the heck is this young man going to talk to about this? I loved how gently the cards handled this sensitive case. The cards let him know that he had done nothing wrong and that he was a perfect gentleman. Anyone truly in your heart will come around because the heart is the truth and to be trusted. If it is not this girl than a more suited girl is on the way. He didn’t need to take it so hard and so personal, she just isn’t ready. The relief flowed through his body, I could feel it. Someone came up to our table while I was giving him the read and tried to interrupt us and take me away for a minute. I thought he might have taken that moment to leave but, no, he sat tight and waited in his seat and gave off the energy of, I am not leaving till I hear more. I gave him more, he deserved it. I was glad to be able to help this outstanding young man with this struggle so he could carry on doing as well as he was. He needed a little emotional soothing. Most of us do.

Servicing the greater whole using the gift we are given to service it with, rocks our world, ignites us, and lights our passions on fire! GO FOR IT!

Have a fab week.


Photo above by Catherine Ledner