Online Spiritual Workshops

Offering online balancing and Tarot divination workshops
Energy Shifting Workshop

I will show how to shift energies in the work environment from negative to positive. I will also share my energy shifting chart that shows the positive and negative female and male energies. The work environment is sometimes stressful and anxious which causes fears to rise. When that happens people tend to operate in their negative energies which spreads and blocks progress. Showing people the chart alone can sometimes be enough to shift people into their positives allowing more abundance and succes to flow.

Chakra Clearing Workshop

This workshop will be an open discussion about chakra clearing preceded by guided meditations that shows you how to clear internal blockages. Deep blocks come from traumas from this or your past life. The universe wants to expand through us through our internal center chakras. Clearing our chakras can help us remove deep wounds and fears that are blocking our progress and allows the force from Source to flow through us. Join this class and take a break from work to re-center and re-align your energies. Calming our stress is the most beneficial thing we can do for our abundance attraction rate.

Shifting To Our Feminine Energies Workshop

The cosmos has shifted to feminine energetic lead. What does that mean for you? If you are are trying to run your life by utilizing your male energetics too heavily, it will feel like you are going up river or carrying a heavy bolder up a mountain. Shifting to your feminine energies into lead takes a little guidance but once you do, your boat starts to steer down stream. During these times both men and woman need to learn how to shift more into the feminine (heart) energies to manifest. It really is the age of Aquarius.

Know Your Heart Workshop

Align your head and heart through Tarot divination. I will share my head/heart alignment grid and teach you how to read pictures instead of words. In other words how to intuitively feel the energy of the cards and receive the message your higher self knows it needs. Most of us are working so much from our male energies that we slowly become more and more disconnected from our truth or even our feelings. The heart is our connection to Source which is who knows our true purpose and path. These online workshops will show you how to align your intuition with your thinking, utilizing the Tarot as the means through which your higher self can communicate to you.