Story of a Spirit Light Worker

This is part of a longer story about a light worker who passed away who’s spirit visits me daily. I am using pseudo names.  Enjoy.

The morning that Burt called to tell me John had passed away, I flew out of bed with the vision of Burt coming at me in my psychic space. He was coming at me so fast and furious that I threw myself out of bed and ran into the other room. It was the strangest experience. When I felt fully aware of what I was doing, as I was barley awake, I looked at my phone and saw that I had just missed a call from him.

I called Burt back and he told me that John had died, his nephew. He also told me the cops had asked him questions about John and if there was any reason he would commit suicide, as it looked more like a suicide to them. Burt who doesn’t put much credence into psychic skills asked me if I got anything about this. I hadn’t at the time as I was too shocked and stunned to think at all.

After I put the phone down to Burt, I gathered myself and checked my psychic space. I saw John reclining on a couch with one hand dropped to the floor and the other holding a device that spilled over on his chest. I couldn’t make out what the device was but he looked peaceful and blissful. He looked at me as spirits can see me clearly but others seem blurry to them. He stared at me for a while looking confused. I wondered if he knew if he had passed yet. It seemed he thought he was still alive and just supper high but because he could see me so clearly, it confused him.

I have experienced one other spirit of a young man who has passed away from a drug overdose. Often spirits don’t know they have passed away until seeing their loved ones at the funeral around their coffin. I often wait to find out how a spirit is going to do until after the funeral because usually they don’t completely realize that they have passed away until then. The other young man who’s spirit I saw who passed of a heroin overdose had an intense freak-out when he realized he had passed. It was very hard to see. I had to help him and try to calm the spirit down, he was so distressed. I am familiar with the various reactions spirits have when they realize they have passed but Johns was surprisingly different. After we stared at each other for a few days he finally realized he had passed away. I expected him to be emotionally reactive as I often see but when he realized, he immediately went over to his father’s shoulder to console him. He acted as though it was all part of the plan. I could see him over his father’s shoulder the entire week.

I often feel sprit push me to write things or communicate with people and I felt this overwhelming pressure to write a blog about addiction and the young people lives who have been sadly taken by this infliction. Well, I knew he had family members following me on Facebook and I felt very uncomfortable about writing an article that might in anyway offend his family. I didn’t want to write this blog at all and I can’t tell you how many times I re-read it and had others read to make sure I didn’t say anything to offend anyone. I know it is hard to believe, but spirit pushed and pushed until I did it and I uploaded it and people read it.

Even though I had a recovering addict friend double read the blog and tell me it was good and to not be so worried about it, I still intuitively felt I might have said something wrong. Well, at the funeral one of the first things told me by this young man’s parents was that he was not an addict. I felt horrible. I wished I had never assumed as much and why did I write that stupid blog.

After the funeral, I checked in on John and asked him if he was an addict. By this point he had started interacting with me a little more but still on his father’s shoulders trying to soothe his grief. One of the first things John told me straight to my face, was that he was a martyr and that he did it to save others’ lives. I really didn’t fully understand that that was what he was saying at first because it was very hard for me to believe that that could be true. I sort of shut that out. But as I look back and try to clarify it more and explain it precisely, that is basically what he was telling me. He wanted people to know that life was short, live it large, carpe diem and don’t do that drug that everyone was doing. I didn’t think that made sense at all. Why kill yourself with drugs, why not live and spread the message. Well, today when I was meditating I got the strong urge to write this story because some clarity came in and I get it now. I really get it.

When spirits have your attention, they go for the jugular. They know they don’t have much time and they tell me what needs to be heard as clear and to the point as possible. That is exactly the way John is with me. So, yes to the police officer who asked if it was a suicide, yes, it was a martyr move. He knew that people were throwing their lives away with that horrible drug and that apparently, his death by that drug stopped tons of other people from dying from it since his death. He pushed me to write that blog and he wanted me to publish it. He wanted his death to be a statement to get help and not waist your life. That’s why it was important to know that he was not an addict.

That’s why he had such a large presence of Facebook so he could spread his messages and so his death would be witnessed as large as possible because he was a light worker with a message. That is why he paid for likes initially because he knew that was how he could spread it through to other people. He knew how social media works and he still does by the way.

His message is divinely important. He made me want to be a twenty-year-old again. When I must explain the concept of rising your vibes releasing fears etc etc to people I work with I sometimes get muddled using the right clarifying words. When that happens I sometimes go to John’s page and show people his pictures on Facebook and I literally see people faces light up. I am not kidding you. They go WOW WHAT FUN! I see the face crack to cheer. His message was to live your joyful life purpose as he did his. And he has no problem with how it ended up. He agreed to do this job and although he wasn’t consciously aware of it during his life, he followed his souls purpose without question and that was what his soul guided him to do. He was not afraid of death because he and I both know he is still very much alive.

He is mostly concerned about his brother Mason at this point. He was very concerned about Burt for a while and was pushing like crazy for me to contact Burt. After Dwayne, Johns father, seemed to be back in his center, John showed me two people below him. He pointed to Burt’s head and to Mason’s head. I was like NO WAY JOSE! No way was I going to contact Burt. No, firkin way. I was trying my very best to move on and let Burt go and have no contact. AND I knew everyone wouldn’t believe me and they would think I was just chasing Burt which I was guilty of because I am the darn chaser twin. I am a twin flame.

You see the deep truth is that Burt is my twin flame and John can see that and this is how I know why. Every morning when I wake up I see John and Burt and my Grandfather in my psychic space. For the longest time, I couldn’t understand why I could see Burt but now I understand Burt and I have the same soul so I can see him in the fifth-dimension which is what my psychic space is. I have five-dimension unification with my twin. I have had divine third dimension confirmation as well in many ways, I don’t want to get into right now.

Well, after I started communicating with John more he continued to persistently show me Burt below, the alive Burt. I was Facebook friends with Burt at that time. And John kept doing very strange things to my friendship with Burt on Facebook. He makes any comment or post Burt made would appear HUGE on my feed. I had access to all his private messages. I didn’t read any of them. I freaked out and logged out immediately. I don’t want to know what he is doing. I don’t want to know about all his other woman, it hurts. But every time I was on Facebook I would see the green dot by Burt’s name and this tremendous push from John to say something to him and to contact him.

At this point it is start to drive me crazy. I asked John just to tell me what he wants me to tell Burt. What is this about? He wouldn’t tell me and so I would try to ignore him because I was no way going to contact Burt. At this point, John starts getting angry and he told me in a very angry way that I was trying to get or win Burt by not telling him. I was trying to control the outcome by not speaking up. It was getting harder and harder to fight contacting Burt.

Well, that Saturday night I was hanging out with my son and some of his friends and I asked them if they stayed friends with people on Facebook after they had flings with them and if so how? I didn’t fully know what a twin flame was at this point and I wasn’t sure what was going on between Burt and myself and I was very lost. All the kids said, “oh it’s no big deal we all stay friends”. I thought oh how cool they all are. I need to be like them. Ok, I’ll stay friends with Burt. Because I was getting so pushed I wanted to unfriend him because I knew if I contacted him about John he would flip a lid.

The next Sunday morning I wake up and pull over and grab my IPad first thing I see almost half asleep on Facebook is this huge picture of Burt and me with hearts around us and a congratulatory comment on how good it is that we are still friends after one year on Facebook. I freaked out. I knew that that was John and that he knew Burt had a special relationship or something to me. I didn’t know what to call it. It was confirming all the synchronicity I had about Burt that I haven’t written about yet but they are quite incredible to say the least. I saved the picture and I will add in here if I can figure out how to.

As the week goes on I am having more and more paranormal activities on my lap top. Strange emails being sent at 11:11 but coming in at 1:11. But this was the thing that got me to contact Burt. The following Thursday morning I was house sitting and I had my lap top open. I turned on the television and it had Pandora on it. I started to play some music and I walked into the kitchen to get a cup of tea. The music had not started playing yet but something happened to my lap top that connected to the TV.  Suddenly, a text came in through on my phone. Somehow the picture I had snapped and texted to a friend of me and Burt on Facebook together with hearts came through on my lap top message for some unknown random reason extremely large and loud. Loud because the noise of it coming through my lap top somehow connected to Pandora and the speaker system and made a loud pop that made me scream and jump out of my skin. I said ok John …OK, John, and I ran to my computer. I could tell it was John I could tell it was urgent I didn’t know what to tell Burt. I just wrote him the stupidest email about this and that and oh by the way John is trying to come through la dee da. Immediately after I sent Burt the email, I hear a loud voice singing IDAHO through the speaker system from Pandora. Idaho is where both Burt and John are from.

Well, I heard nothing back from Burt at all so I emailed him again to see if he had got my email. I got the most horrible earth shattering response form him that shook my soul. I was mortified. Basically, Burt told me I was trying to tell him how to morn or grieve and I was pushing my illusionary state on to him and trying to make him believe something just because I believed it. It was awful. I felt so mad at John. I wished I had never ever sent Burt that email. I wished I had never been born a psychic. I turned to John who had nothing much to say other than that he was very happy with me, finally. I wasn’t happy with him through and later that day on Facebook I unfriended Burt and I knew John really didn’t want me to. I felt that he wanted to use my friendship with Burt to continue to manipulate things down here between us or something. It was a hunch. Anyway, on Facebook one of the other things John does for me is if I have a question about something or if I am thinking about something he will send me a link or throw me a feed about it on Facebook. I laugh every time it happens because I know it is him. Well, he sent me a lovely video feed through sprit science of how to find peace in two opposing viewpoints and he told me to email it to Burt which I did. I got a much nice response from Burt that time and whatever that video said it did something to heal things between Burt and me. I knew it was John fixing the problem that I had caused by contacting Burt for him. I am starting to trust John more now but nothing like the trust I soon developed in John after finding this next thing out.

A week later or so I can’t remember exactly, I get another ton of synchronicity and push to contact Burt. I throw some tarot cards down to ask if I should or not and it is very clearly saying yes. So, I email him reluctantly and I find out by his response that he had just suffered a heart attack. I was so upset to hear that. A week or so later he calls me to invite me to lunch and he tells me that when he went to hospital he wasn’t sure what was wrong with him. The doctors told him he could go home or wait there and see if conditions worsen. He told me that because of that email I sent him about John that he made the choice to stay and that was the choice that saved his life. Normally he told me he would have left and had he left he would have suffered the heart attacks and most sure he would have died. My sister told me that that email saved his life. She has a master’s in community health. She knows what she is talking about.

On my way home from seeing Burt for lunch I was practically falling over crushed at the thought of what would have happened if I hadn’t sent Burt that email. I almost didn’t. After hating myself for sending it, I couldn’t have been more grateful that I had. Seriously I haven’t doubt this whole John thing since.


Much more later…all for now