The more reads I do, the more I realize how important card reading is. Connecting with our higher truth and inner knowing can really put us on a much clearer or more confident path in our life. After reads I give, I watch people walk away with more sparkle in their eyes, happier, more positive and with much better posture.

Most people love Tarot cards and feel comfortable with them but some think they are dark or not safe. Although, there are some dark cards, I discovered tarot divination to be quite the contrary. Reads I give, including for myself, strongly guide people to their highest and best potential selves. I find tarot reads help people align themselves with their deeper truest hopes and connects them with an inner knowing. You would be surprised how many times I hear people say, “I sort of already knew this”.

Tarot cards act as a vehicle for your higher spiritual guidance to come through and they help you gain a deeper insight or clarity about specific issues that may be blocking your progress in life. Pin pointing your own exact personal block or knowing consciously what your blocks are can really help a you break through your own personal hurdles.  Honestly, I don’t know what I would do without my own deck of cards. (Lol)

If you are interested in joining the workshops, which will teach you how to do your own card reads, email me at madelaineparker111@gmail.com. The workshops will be fun, easy going, and you’ll probably get a good read out of the deal, lol. They are free right now for a while until I work out any potential Zoom kinks. (The app I will be using)

Email your email address to madelaineparker111@gmail.com and I will send you an email from Zoom which will ask you to allow me to invite you.

You will need your own tarot deck, not oracle deck, it must say Tarot on it. And if you know your birth time and place/location pull up your birth chart at astrolada.com free birth chart and find out your ascending and moon sign.