11111111111 11:11
What It Really Means

About ten years ago a good friend of mine lost her daughter. Her name was Marieke. It was a tragic experience for the entire community not only because it was a terrible loss to her family and friends but because she was an exceptional young girl. It simply didn’t make sense to anyone. She had compassion and concern for all. I was so struck with grief and confusion about it that I turned to my spirit guide for answers. I wanted to know why on earth would spirit take away such a wonderful person. Instead of seeing my grandfather who I normally see, I saw the young girls spirit guide, her uncle Joist. To simplify, he informed me she was a level ten purified soul, that her work was completed here and she was now needed above.

Eleven eleven happens to be her birthday. I happened to be staying with her mother and sleeping in Marieke’s bed yesterday on November eleven, her birthday. Coincidence? I think not. At about the time that Marieke passed away and while I was channeling the information about soul levels and reincarnation from her uncle Joist I started seeing 11:11 everywhere. Receipts, parking meters, seats in theaters etc. Honestly, I have so many stories it would distract me to get into right now. The synchronicity around numbers in my life was so strong and repetitive that I was hell bent on figuring out what on earth it was trying to tell me.

I started to see a lot of other repeat sets of numbers as well so I took to studying the first page of the old testament and other religious philosophies to understand the meaning of numbers. I finally came to see a unified meaning for all the numbers and I started to understand the messages the synchronistic numbers were trying to tell me.

Until yesterday, despite all the research I had done on number meanings, I was still having problems really understanding eleven eleven. I too took to the simple meaning of it being that you are in synch keep it up but I wasn’t totally satisfied. Yesterday morning when I woke up in Marieke’s bed, I wondered why did the war end on 11/11 and why is Marieke’s birthday 11/11…. what does it really mean? Instantly I saw Marieke in my psychic space. She spoke to me very clearly about as clear as I can hear a voice in the physical. She said, “it means walk with God.”

Yes, that is exactly what it means. It totally resonated with all the information I had gathered about the number one. Here it is the explanation. One signifies the soul, or God because God is the Source Soul. Our souls are fragments of God and when we are here on earth we are supposed to stay connected to Source our parent Soul for guidance. Seeing eleven eleven literally means put your attention to God or whom ever you call your God. All those ones means align all souls with God. So, if you are seeing eleven eleven you are being called to serve God. You are being told to have faith there is a God. Put your attention on Source and align your will with Gods. It is the call to serve and help transform this planet the way Source needs us to and to follow his guidance.

If we tune in to the call to serve we will be guided, protected, rewarded but above all we will be secure. Eleven eleven means seek security in God not the material because God is right by your side. We are being called to heal and change the world through Gods guidance. Wake up and serve the higher good. Marieke cleared it all up for me yesterday and in honor of her I share this clarity with you. I love you Marieke. And thank you Marieke you are an angel.