One of the things I noticed changing in my life when I started consciously balancing my male and female energies, is that things rapidly started being more abundant. For example I asked to have a zero balance credit card statement. Then about nine months later out of the blue I went online to pay my bill and there were zeros everywhere. I was surprised. I knew I had been making decent payments and that I had cut back on a few things but I had sort of forgotten that I had asked for it in my female power activation book. After I saw how effective it was to control my finances this way I decided to try asking for extra money. Well, literally a few days later someone knocked on my door and hired our house for a film. I ended up with exactly the extra balance in my account that I had asked for. I have a few other pretty cool examples like this and I think, the reason I am creating more abundance for myself, is that I worked on building up my male energies more. I noticed when working between my two journals, the female and male, that I lean very heavy on the female side. I could see that my male journals needed to be written in more and tended to build dust. I had to either cut back on my female time or put more time and energy into the my male side, I did both. After I got more into that habit of following through on opportunities it became more effortless to be in my male energies. Also because I have activated some pretty exciting things in my female power activation journal, lately, I am responding to an abundance of fun and inspiring male opportunities. This makes operating in my male energies effortless because I am responding to opportunities that I wished for. It doesn’t feel like work, I am not working in fact, I am on an adventure leaping on inspiring opportunities that my female has called. If I am not careful though, I could get unbalanced and go overboard working too hard in my male energy and neglect my female energy. I am being careful not to do that.

I have a lot to learn about male positive energy. One of the things I experienced recently while in male mode working in a project journal is, that I had to remove all my high frequency female decoration from the project journals. They were too distracting and made it hard for me to focus. I thought they would attract more abundance for my male but I realized I could not get clarity on what actions to take with the frenetic and chaotic high frequency energy around. I think that might be why the universe divides these two energies in our brains, in our species and in nature. It is very hard to activate in positive male energy when there is female fluidity around. I needed to clear my male journals of  the female frenetic energy so I could clearly see what actions I needed to take. I also realize that to activate in positive female properly it cannot be restricted by male structure as female energy is melodic, fluid, chaotic and complicated. 

I am still suffering from a few right body (male side) pains which means I am activating in negative male pushy energy when I run. I go into some sort of forceful pushy fear base energy when I run because of a fear I have that I won’t be doing enough to make it count. In other words I seem to subconsciously believe I need to work extra hard to reap any rewards from this effort. I then push this fear energy through my body causing it stress. When I activate my body in stress I harm it. I often shift into negative fear base male energy when I take on tasks that feel laborious and hard. Male negative fear is always a fear about what is or is not coming in the future as male focus is horizon-al or long distant.

This is the point at which I must turn to my female energy for soothing relief and nurturing. I have made good progress at not over working my right leg when I exercise. I meditate as I run now and listen to rhythmic music so I can balance my body evenly. The female side of me is soothing and nurturing that over zealous fearful male in me that is programed into believing that he must work extra hard for it to be enough. I am also realizing that the more focused I am on balancing both sides of my body evenly while running the lighter my body feels. The more balanced I am as I move the faster and less difficult my work out is. But more importantly the less injury I cause myself.

Female/ Male energy balancing workbooks coming soon. Stay tuned.