back lot

A Message From a Bird

I’m supposed to be working on the instruction manual that accompanies the workbooks I’m working on but thoughts of a blog just creeped in that I’d like to grab. I’m trying not to procrastinate so I’ll keep it short.

There is an empty lot right outside my window that is abundant with spring activities right now…. full of budding life. It is especially alive with bird action. I’ve been watching and following one particular couple of Bobules for a while. They must have eggs to protect because they seem to be doing a lot of aggressive flying around chasing other birds away. Every now and again I see one of the Bobules alone screeching, I’m assuming for it’s mate. I find myself getting a little worried if the screeching goes on for long wondering if the mate is okay. They are quite a tight couple. They do everything together, they fly in tandem, it is beautiful. It is exciting when all of a sudden out of the blue the mate comes swooping back at eighty miles an hour practically knocking the other Bobule right off it’s feet into the air and then both fly off together in perfect harmony. It is quite a show.

While staring out of the window, just now, thinking about what to write, a peppy happy pretty little bird landed on the wire right outside my window. It looked straight at me and chirped. This little bird appeared to be solo, with no mate as far as I could see. I always feel sad when I see a bird alone fearing that they have lost their mate and are destined to a lonely unhappy life. I usually feel sorry for them, however today, this bird which was close, seemed to be in pretty high vibrations as far as I could tell. When the bird flew away it joined in happily with the other birds pecking for seeds but left me with a message that changed my mind about solo birds.

Apparently, solo birds are just as happy as birds with a mate because all birds alive and free are happy birds. A solo bird simply has a different living experience then the bird with a mate. All birds have to do the same things to co create abundance for themselves with or without a mate. Every living being has to keep their vibrations high to be abundant no matter what their circumstance. Solo or not every bird is just as happy as all the other birds because every bird knows that a happy bird is an abundant bird.

Hope you have a happy and abundant day.  Namaste