Rejection energy

Divorce and Clearing Rejection energy

Crazy synchronistic events have been happening in my life ever since I helped my friend when her daughter passed away seven years ago. I was also instigating my divorce at that time. I remember meeting my friend for lunch and I was in awe of seeing the number 11:11 everywhere. She told me that her daughter’s birthday was on 11/11. Intuitively I felt there was a correlation to what was going on in my life and the synchronicity I was experiencing. So, I set out on a journey to further understand it.

It has been a long winding path to understanding what I think I know today but what could change tomorrow or in an hour. That is how random synchronicity is for me. It happens when I least expect it and changes it’s meaning on me right when I think I have it. So here are a couple of my experiences….on November 11th 2011 at 11:11 am my ex-boyfriend’s new girl calls me to tell me she and he are now official. One after noon I procrastinate to take a walk in the park. I finally spontaneously jump up and leave before it gets too dark and I run into someone as they are leaving. I dropped my phone and when I pick it up it says 4:14 and the date was 12/14/14 and the person I run into’s birthday is 4/14. I have had many very strong similar experiences lately surrounding a lot of numbers particularly 44, 444, 414 and 14.

Now my personal life has a lot to do with the explanation of the meanings of these numbers but that might be a sidetrack I don’t think we have to take. Let’s just say it’s been seven years of pain, divorce, brake ups with rejecting and rejection in all sorts of variations and styles. It’s been pain mixed with a lots of fun, maybe God given fun to help but it’s been tough. Right from the first 11:11 experience until now my life has basically been a radically contrasting up and down roller coaster ride. Today I think I have finally understood synchronicity better. Information I feel that might permanently end the roller coaster ride, Information that, had I understood earlier, might have prevented some of the hardships I experienced.

For our souls to progress we have to clear layers and layers of fear. There are two ways to clear fear, one is through living the experience and learning that there is nothing to be afraid of and the other is by consciously clearing it through Source for removal. If we don’t consciously clear our fears we have to live them over and over until we intrinsically know that that specific fear is nothing to fear. The universe would rather we cleared our fears by making us conscious of them so we don’t have to go through the horrible repeat experience or reliving them. More importantly fear is simply the dark and Source is simply the light. The logic then follows that if we call the light of Source into our darkness the darkness ceases to exist as darkness cannot be in the presence of light. It just simply cannot. The synchronicity is telling me to shift out of the fear rejection energy of my past memories in love so that I stop operating in fear rejection energy. I am being told to go to Source to clear it.

So to cut a really incredibly long story short, I should mention that I have been doing extensive research on the meanings of numbers in all religions and on number frequencies etc, (which is a whole other blog next week, maybe). Now to jump to the conclusion, I am being shown numbers to prompt and guide me to shift out of a fear rejection energy which only perpetuates more rejection experiences for myself. When people get divorced and breakup, rejection energy resonates through their bodies and holds in our emotions. It puts us in a deep state of primal unrest and we experience a sort of kicked out of the tribe trauma. That is an extremely primal basic fear that we all carry deep within us. Being in a tribe keeps us safe from the wolves. It can take years and years of repeat problematic relationships to clear this fear of rejection energy or we can clear it by being cognizant of it. That is what I believe the synchronicity has been trying to tell me to do.

Now sometimes I am, but mostly never totally cognizant of my energy. I try to be but my subconscious really runs the show while I’m running around living my life. When I am busy in the world amongst humans is when I experience synchronicity the most. Probably because I am not meditating or connecting through journaling that my rejection energy creeps in. I mostly go about my day feeling good but then sometimes all of sudden, something triggers a painful memory about a past relationship. I try to forget about it by being busy and moving on however my pain memory triggers low self esteem and then I carry that rejection energy. That is when I noticed that I see 14’s the most. It telling me that I have just had a triggered rejection thought and I am now back in rejection energy. Shift out of that energy and move into the I am here and needed energy. When I see 14 I know the spirits are telling me to shift up or love up on me NOW! It’s getting in the way of everything good they want to give me.

So, basically when I ran into that person at the park the universe or spirits were calling for my attention saying, “We have sent you this opportunity or trigger/person to help clear you of this rejection energy that has a hold over you. CLEAR IT! CLEAR IT! CLEAR IT! OR CREATE IT!” 414 literally means bring Source into your blocking fears for clearing. The number 1 is always Source or the You within that is Source. 4 means turning into the physical or fear. (I will explain how fear and the physical are the same energy, soon).  The universe is letting me know to stay in faith through this apparently confusing time. That this experience is all part of a rejection energy clearing process that needs my reciprocation or help. Got It! Bingo! Nothing but net! Swoosh!


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