We are given two brain lobes to simultaneously operate two different energies with. The right brain female energy and the left brain male. It does not matter what gender you are, we are all given both energies because it takes both energies to create abundance. Each one of us has varying degrees of levels of one or the other energy. Typically speaking a man will be more dominate in his left lobe which is male energy and woman the right brain which is female energy but it is not always the case. Your particular ratio of energy balance influences the gender or energetic match you attract in your mate. We will partner best with a mate who mirror balances our energy balance ratio for maximum abundance growth potential. For example I am quite a polarized female. In my balanced state I am about 85% female and 15% male. My true matching mate will be mirror balance my energies at female energies 15% and male 85%. This is not a choice. We are born this way for our particular life’s purpose. Gay and lesbians tend to be naturally balanced in both their energies at around 55%-45% .

Both energies have negative and positive versions. The negative versions are given to propel us out of danger or observe threat. They are adrenalin based and we are only meant to stay in them for short bursts of time. What throws our energies out of balance is prolonged fear. Fear throws us into our negative energies and when we are in our negative energies too long it is hard to tell what our true balanced energy ratio is. That is why we get into the wrong relationships when we opperate in our negative fear base energies. To know what our true energy female/male energy balance is we must first remove all our fears. When we are balanced in our own internal true balanced ratio of female/male energy we resonate at a frequency that makes abundance naturally and effortlessly grow in our lives.

When we are balanced a high resonating frequency is omitted that instantly attracts abundance. It is even more powerful when you are with a balanced mate that is mirror balancing your balanced energies. Abundance goes through the roof! That is how it was all meant to be designed. We are supposed to use both energies to create a harmonized and balanced life. Today most of us are leaning too heavily on our male energies causing depletion and exhaustion. When our energies are depleted and exhausted we attract more depletion and exhaustion. Hence the state of the planet. Abundance is dropping on our planet because we are out of balance in our male energies and not utilizing our feminine energies enough. This causes  out of balance energies and out of balance energies drops the abundance attraction frequency rate. To rebalance our world we need to rebalance ourselves.  How do we do that?  We need to restore our male energies and wake up our female energies. When she is awake she trusts her male and when he trusts her powers of attraction …… together they make magic happen.

I am developing and creating charts and diagrams to explain this more clearly. Feel free to ask questions.
More coming soon.

Have a fab chill day.