Being Psychic in a Physical World


Growing up I didn’t really tell anyone about my many psychic abilities and experiences probably because my father was a Harvard educated brilliant man and told me it was all nonsense. I believed him. I thought I must be insane, so I didn’t really tell anyone. There is nothing you can do about being psychic. Honestly, I can’t tell you the amount of times I wished I wasn’t. It is something you are born with. It is like being gay. My sister is gay. I knew her pretty much her whole life less the year and half she was born before me. She was gay from the get go. She was androgynous and people had a hard time knowing what sex she was. Growing up around her was interesting because I was the feminine extreme and I would get compliments but she was confusing and people would ask me if she was a girl or boy. When she came out of the closet and told me she was gay, I told her I already knew. Those words just flowed out of my mouth without a thought. Not coming out as a psychic was something I thought I could get away with. However, as I become more and more fearless I have become more myself and more aware of the futility of denying who we are. She didn’t want to be gay and I didn’t want to be psychic because we both knew that being those things was going to push us up against a harsh reality we didn’t want to deal with.

Being psychic can be a curse and blessing. It’s hard for me to meditate because I just see people and they want my attention. They are all dead people or that’s what the living like to call them. I often hear them say clearly, “I am not dead, please tell them, I am still here.” I do not invite them or ask them to come, they just appear. I just see them. They respond to me and act like they see me too. They are eager to talk and have a lot to tell me. I can spend hours talking to these people. I am given incredibly wise information from spirits that has helped me in my life. I’m guided by my spirit guide, my grandfather, who is the one constant steady spirit I see in my psychic space all the time. He tells me to focus. He tells me to calm down. He tells not to plan; he will light my path as I go etc. etc. He has been one hundred percent trustworthy. Everything he tells me to do ends up for my higher good. I always regret it when I don’t listen to him. It’s all good stuff; I feel incredibly loved by him. But I also enjoy my conversations with all the spirits immensely. I have very high light souls around me. I am a very blessed person. I wish everyone had this good a time with spirit. The problems arise however when spirits want me to help shift things for them in the physical world and help them out with their loved ones. That is when I am pushed up against the non-believing world, the skeptics. I’d much rather not do that at all. I’m perfectly happy having my own personal relationship with everyone’s loved ones above. I’ve successfully hidden my relationship with sprit for many years. I am ok with leaving it at that, but the spirits are not. If a spirit is in my psychic space it is usually because they need something from me and that is the most challenging thing for a psychic to navigate……….. the physical world.

Two professionals, one a doctor of psychology who was my history teacher, and the other a psychiatrist, both told me I was psychic. Just like my sister who didn’t really know what was going on with her as she tried to deny her true self, I, too, didn’t know what to make of myself and who I was. I didn’t’ know I was psychic; I just knew I experienced things no one believed. I thought I might just be crazy and so I’d best hide it. But my history teacher at boarding school in the UK told me straight to my face. His name was Doctor Tosoni. He was from Austria and had a dramatic accent that captivated us as he taught history. He was a doctor of psychology and loved hearing about all our late night adventures. We were just like Harry Potter. We ran around an old haunted castle with a rich history at night looking for ghosts and we found them. We would tell Doctor Tosoni and tell him so many historical details etc. He was gripped by our stories. He would spend some of our history lessons talking about levitation and such things. One day, he told the class that someone was very psychic around here and he walked over to my desk and stood right in front of me and said my name. I stared back at him, surprised. I acted as though I had no idea what he was talking about. I just looked right back at him, like don’t look at me, I’m not the guilty one. He knew I was psychic and he would ask us to tell him more stories and he would always stand near me and ask me the details etc. He knew I was psychic just like I knew my sister was gay.

I went to see a psychiatrist in college because I was being pushed and haunted by a very aggressive unhappy spirit. It started to be a poltergeist in my room and knock things down. I know it’s hard to believe, but that is what happens sometimes when I try to push or shut out a spirit. They can get rough. I wanted medication to shut it out and shut it down. I was being woken up at night and it was a very frightening experience. When I went to see the psychiatrist, he informed me that I had a sixth sense. I couldn’t believe my ears. I thought, he like many others would just tell me I was imagining it or making it up or that I have hallucination problems or something. I was prepared to agree with that explanation, I had surrendered, I didn’t care what he said I was. So, needless to say I was very shocked to hear him say that. I was taught that what I was experiencing was not true. Someone believed me more than I did. I had never experienced anyone so clearly seeing who I was more than I could. He told me I have been given a special a gift to help people and spirits. Spirits need your help. He told me to go back and help that spirit and talk to him. I did and I have been dedicated to helping spirits and their loved ones pretty much ever since.

Spreading the message from a passed loved one to a living loved one can be a pretty challenging experience. First of all, most likely they wont believe me and second of all they are happier leaving things the way they are and moving on without the lost one. The amount of times I hear from spirits that they wish the spirits in the physical world would open up and hear the message from the spirits above is endless. They really are all around us. They want to interact and still be a part of our lives. There is nothing to be afraid of. They love you and can help shift things and want to. They will guide you towards a fantastic physical reality, the one they know you yearn to live. They want the best for you and the world.

That is all for now.

Love and light to you all.