BelleBelle the Hermaphrodite and how she brought the message of

female/male energy.

This story is in progress.

I was watching Dr. OZ one afternoon and he was teaching the world how to check our thyroids for a goiter. Well, much to my surprise I had one and it was quite large. I was surprised as it was the first time I had ever really had any symptoms for anything. The other strange thing, was that it was only on my right thyroid, not my left.

I went to the doctors and had it tested for cancer and other things. After some very long scary waits in doctors waiting rooms I was cleared of cancer. One night while jogging at about 9:30 pm I get a call from the doctor for whom I had left a message about two weeks before. I called him to find out what I could do about my goiter. Well, it turns out that, after about four thousand dollars in total fees and co-payments, my thyroid levels are fine and there is nothing that can be done. End of story, but keep an eye on it.

I felt pretty unsatisfied at this point. The healthcare system seemed to just take my money without giving me anything back, except clearing the cancer, which was a relief. However the main problem still existed and the fact that the goiter was only on my right side puzzled me a lot. I felt that if I could figure out why it was only on one side of my body I could figure out why all my other body pains are mostly only on the right side of my body.

Apparently not eating enough iodine causes goiters. Why wouldn’t both my thyroids be swollen? Something just didn’t add up about the causes of my goiter. Why would only one side of my body not have enough iodine or too much gluten, or be over stressed.

I was working high stress job at the time and I remember stoping at an office depot and waiting at the cash register to pay for the things I was getting. As I was standing in line, I gazed at a box full of small journals for sale. They were attractive, decorative and a special different small size. They were really pretty and I wanted the whole box. I was working pretty hard for the wages I was earning and didn’t exactly see how that hard earned money would be a fair trade for silly decorative journals that would not in anyway make me money. It would just be a waist as far as I was concerned.

The line was stuck for a while as the manager had to come and open the register for a return or something so I had time to change my mind. I grabbed a couple of them. I remember feeling instantly happy and the stress drained out of my body. I felt excited to go home and write in the little journal but I didn’t know what I was going to write. I remember thinking to myself as I put it on the counter that I would use it for something really cool.