When Things are Blocked

The spiritual message of:

Last week was what I like to call, a blocked week. One of those frustrating weeks where, EVERYTHING, feels like it’s a no go. No matter how many phone calls or anything I did, things just seemed to not happen. SO, it is often times like these that tends to causes me, and I know a lot of us to turn to negative male energy.

The workbooks at the printers are taking way longer than I’d hoped, the house project, stalled, etc. Seriously the list was long. The worst on the list was a writers block I was surprised to have since I don’t really consider myself to be the kind of writer that gets blocked. I am just sharing channeled info as clearly as I possibly can, I don’t really have to come up with anything. However, last week after sitting in front of my lap top waiting for the blog to present it’s self as I usually do, nothing upon nothing came hour after hour. I realized I was having a true writers block, the kind I hear writers talk about. The benefit of being a spirit channeler is that I get the inside scoop on how to deal with things like this and so I thought I’d let you in on the convo.

Since learning about female and male energies through channeling Belle, the hermaphrodite horse, I learned we operate in negative frequency energies when we are afraid. When I started to feel the frequency of my energies grow negative within me in response to the blocks I was experiencing, I consciously chose to utilize my positive female energies instead. I’ve been told that, the only times we are meant to operate in the negative frequency energies is when our lives are in danger or if we need to propel ourselves out of some sort of extreme problematic situation. Negative frequency energies are adrenal base energies and utilizing them drains our vitality and health. We are only supposed to use negative frequency energies for short bursts of time. More importantly, if you have had to operate in your negative adrenal energies for a long period of time or any amount of time for that matter it is important that you calm, nurture and quite those energies down after you no longer need to use them. Negative energies block abundance. None of the blocks I experienced last week were life threatening or seriously problematic enough for me to activate my negative frequency energies for. I know that if I step back and allow the printers and the universe all the time they need, the workbooks or anything else I do will turn out the best way, the universe’s way.

I remembered that I can relax and let the universe solve the problems. More importantly I realize that perhaps the universe wants these projects stalled for a little while longer for some good reason I don’t know yet. Since I am doing the universe a favor, or working on it’s behalf, I do not need to force or push things a long, I am just a helper. All I have to do is allow the right amount of time and support for things to unfold in the way the universe intends things to. When things feel blocked, I mostly try to remember the deal that I originally made with universe which is, “Hey! Yo! I am doing it for You down here, so, help me please……I wait…… and then, as you see, it comes.