Sonoma is the first stop. Can’t say I’m feeling too great leaving behind a home I have spent the last twenty years planting roots in. To briefly explain, I am the daughter of an American diplomat and my family moved countries every two years. I flew back and forth to boarding school in England six times a year so traveling was not somethimg on the top of my list to do when I grew up. In fact all I wanted to know as a child was, what is it like to plant roots, to really get to know the people and the ins and outs of one place. Well, I am glad to tell you I can check that off my list. I now know what that’s like. It’s cool, it’s great and I could write a book about what I have learned but now I’m ready for what is next.

Breaking up a marriage, getting rid of years and years of accumulated junk plus letting go of my nest is a pretty life shaking experience and I’m feeling it right now. It’s not easy, it’s why most of us stay comfy in our safety zones. Now, I know what people mean when they say BUST out of your comfort zone. It’s a bust alright. I am sitting here packed with just a few things left to do and I am realizing just how nice and comfy my comfort zone is or was. It’s pretty cushy and I’m having to push through the fear grip of wanting to hold on to it.

In the last couple of years I’ve know this day was approaching and I’d talk about it to people here and there.. And they’d ask,”where do you think you’ll go?” I have not been able to answer that question and I still can’t. I really have no idea where or what is going to happen in my life next at all. That is what is also pretty scary. I have some ideas but literally, the only solid plan at this point is a house booked on priest lake Idaho end of August for me and my boys to stay and another in Sonoma this week but other then that it is all open baby!

So, actually I sort of do have a plan if this qualifies as one. To wake up every morning, decide how far I feel like driving or even if I feel like driving, pick up my iPad and figure out on air bnb what’s open and available on that radius. My budget is moderate so I’ll be camping too which is actually one of my favorite things to do. So, I’ll be off setting staying at some of the more costly places with cheeper camping prices.

I know I want to see a Shakespeare play at the Ashland festival and maybe stay in yurt there. I want to see the glaciers in Banff Canada so I’m bringing my passport. I want to sleep in one of those ball tents that hangs in a tree. I want to spend lots of down time on a beautiful quiet lake someplace to focus and write. What else, oh, I want to see Wyoming, come on, how incredible are pictures from that state… Dang! And of course I’ve gotta waste tons and tons of time wandering Washington, Idaho, and Montana. I know people and have friends I can visit in and around those areas.

I’m bringing my box of oracle cards to give reads and I’ve got a box of my workbooks to sell as I go. My reading skills are improving now that I have totally accepted who I am and what I do. Apparently my grandmother was a fortune card reader during World War Two and it was what she did for a living before having kids. I only just found that out. Whoohoo it runs in the family.

I feel like a cowboy venturing out into the wild Wild West with his pony which is my Ford C-Max. Electric hybrid. Perfect light easy ride.

 All for now …. keep you posted 😆