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A Light Worker Of  A Different Kind

Well, I guess I got the go ahead or the sign I was looking for to write this story. I asked my spirit guides this morning, after I woke up with floods of thoughts and visions of a young man I knew who passed away a couple of years ago, if it was time to write the story about him. This spirit regularly visits my psychic space and he seems to be staying. I told the universe I needed a sign first to write about this and I got one.

It’s hard for people to understand or believe it, I know, but I have what I call a psychic space in my mind. It’s a window or something like a TV monitor that shows me a world with people in it, spirits. Many spirits come and go in this space. They come to me for help to communicate with their loved ones in the physical. I try to help them as best I can but if their family members are not receptive I have to tell them to seek another way through. Usually they leave me alone after that but not in this case, not this dude.

Most spirits leave again except for my grandfather, my spirit guide, he is in my psychic space 24/7. He has bright blue eyes and faces me square on. I wake up every morning to his face smiling at me because I pass through my psychic space as I’m waking up. Ever since that young dude passed away I see him next to my grandfather……yes, every day. I’ve told him very clearly that I am about the worst person for the job, it’s a long story and way too complicated to get into right now but in my opinion I’m not the best choice for this dude to be coming through.

To make things even more complicated, my grandfather who I rely on for guidance has turned sideways and off to the side, to let this young dude take center stage in my psychic space so I pay more attention to him. So, I know, this young dude’s presence in my psychic space has got to be important for my grandfather to act that way. My grandfather sticks by me thick and thin and he would not abandon me or leave me without guidance but he has, to this young dude. So, that is why, I know it is with my grandfather’s blessing that this young man’s spirit stays in my psychic space and that he is meant to be there.

Today is a good day to introduce this story because it happens to be his birthday. There is more to write so I will have to leave more for another time. I will keep his anonymity for now. This story is important because he basically told me that he gave his life serving his life purpose which was to spread a message loud. He was a light worker who used social media to work his purpose through. He strived to raise the vibrations of as many people as he could and as fast as he could and still does. He explained the meaning of Carpe Diem to my son one evening at a local pub. His message totally resonates with all the information I have channeled lately.

And for now, anyway, it seems he has solicited me to help carry on this mission for him or at least tell his story. He hasn’t gone away so far and he has a very positive energy so I guess I shall oblige. He has taught me about positive persistence, which I will talk more about another time. When he is not happy with me, believe me, he lets me know. When I was holding back from communicating important information to his loved ones he told me I was in fear and trying to control the outcome by not telling people. He was pretty sour at me for a while. When I realized he was right, and I stopped being afraid of speaking out on his behalf he was very happy and left me alone for a while. He stopped pressuring me, something spirits do when they need help from me…….so I shall enjoy the process of telling you more sometime soon..

I have been thinking about writing a blog about his story for a while but I was never sure if it was the right time. This morning after I asked for a sign I went on Facebook to wish my brother happy birthday and I wondered, hmmm, maybe I should check out that young dude’s Facebook page and see if there is a sign or something. Some one posted Happy Birthday dude and it was only posted forty minutes or so prior.

It was a sign. Happy Birthday dude <3