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Like a leaf on a tree that grabs as much sunlight as it can to feed the entire tree we too were made to serve nature and the universe in  mutually beneficial ways?

Knowing and living your soul level or age can often take a large leap of faith because it will probably involve facing one of your greatest fears. The universe needs us to live our souls age so that we can unblock and by doing so help to expand the universe. Our soul’s development or progress is for the greater good. When we break through our own fear barriers our soul becomes more of what the universe created us to be. It can take quite a bit of courage to be more of who we truly are and when we do we will be extremely well supported and taken care of by the universe. By listening to our yearnings or our souls calling and by following them we are literally helping the universe expand.



I am asking:

As I have been consciously shifting and balancing my energies, it seems that my life is being pushed by some external flow. It doesn’t feel like I’m doing all the work anymore. This must be what it feels like to be in the flow. I’m loving it. What more can I know about this?


You feel the presence of the power behind your existence when you actively engage with it. Allowing the “whatever”, or the universe, to shape your life, allows you to fall on to the course that was planed for you, which, is also the way support has been prepared for you. Feeling stuck and stagnant as many seem to feel today is mostly because people are self driving their lives without engaging it with the universal bigger picture. When we relax and let go we drop into our purpose which is for the grater good in some way. We will then feel the extent of the force of the power behind our existence.



I asked the spirits, what would you like us to know today?


When you show up in life expecting to be given without asking, it is literally like standing in the middle of the room not doing anything just staring at us. We literally don’t know what you want us to do for you. Please talk to us. Make your needs be known to us. We are ready, we have nothing else to do but to stand here waiting for you guys down there to give us stuff to do. So please indulge us.



Asked by an anonymous person

Even though I am doing well I still wake up feeling negative. Why is this?


You have unresolved sadness or issues that need clearing. You have a perception of lack in some area of your life that you feel powerless over and unable to change. Journal, meditate, listen and focus in on that sadness and let it speak to you. What does it think can never happen? That is the area in your life you need to have more hope or faith in. Holding on to the disappointments of things lost and not believing that they can ever return is a prison we trap ourselves in that prevent us from feeling happy. Work on switching your belief to believing in the restoration of things.



Asked by Madelaine

A lot of the people I talk to today are exhausted, over worked and not feeling very abundant. Also there are many who are not excited about life. Life seems to just be a long haul burdened by self slavery. How can we fix this?


Today most people think you have to work harder or find a better paying job for more money to create abundance in their life. People seek abundance because it creates a feeling of being taken care of which is safe, secure and stable. More money feels safer and more secure. We seek those feelings of peace that we experience when we are surrounded by abundance. We are naturally designed to want to cultivate abundance in our world however we are not designed to do it alone. Doing it alone without universal support is exhausting and difficult.

We do not need to quit a job we are tired of or get fired by not showing up or anything drastic like that, the spirits are simply saying that we need to motivate from a different place. Instead of working so hard we can consciously choose to work from an inspired being of service attitude trusting that the universe will send us something better soon. There are many ways you can shift yourself out of this energy without causing poverty or chaos in your life. Sometimes that may be temporarily necessary but you will always be supported when you seek universal assistance.


Your presence here is important and so are your actions. It is through your actions that the universe expands. What we choose to do or how we chose to act is either helpful and beneficial (expansive) or not. It is either positive or negative. At any given moment we are given opportunities to either make an up choice or down choice. How can you create and choose expansion in your life and world today? By responding to the things that are happening in your life with positive actions. Positive actions are those that help and improve the situation. More of all that is good is expansion.


When we make things we usually have a purpose for making them. The same goes for why we were made. The universe has a motive for you being here. The universes seeks to stay in a constant state of expansion. It must follow then that it seeks expansion through us. We were created to serve the universe in its motive to expand. We are fragments of the universe so it is our natural honest true state to be in a state of expansion.


The universe put us here to use us to help itself. You are needed or you wouldn’t be here. The catch though is that you are needed for the universe not for you. You were put here to serve the whole and grater good. You were created by the universe for a specific job that it wants to pay you for. If we seek to serve the universe the universe will thank us by generously supporting us.