Balancing our energies and why we choose who we choose.


All living beings are given two energies to function with. One is female and the other male. Our brain and our bodies are symmetrically divided so that we can divide these two energies and utilize them separately. The goal is to dance harmonically between both these energies and reach our own level of total balance which creates effortless abundance. We cannot utilize both energies at the same time.

Now total balance is different in every individual. For instance balance for a macho or masculine man will probably be at about forty/sixty percent, female/male, and in a very feminine woman it will be sixty/forty percent female/male. We don’t have to balance our energies at exactly fifty/fifty, forty/sixty is good enough to create an abundant life with. However because of a long global history of a slow growing mass consciousness of dishonoring the female we have pushed her importance aside. Today most of us are operating dominantly in assertive male energy, negative and positive but sadly the female with in us is mostly asleep and hiding.

Each individual is born with a certain dominance in one of the energies. A very masculine man and a dominantly female woman can make a perfect couple because when they naturally operate in their dominate energies it effortlessly creates balance and therefore abundance. This is the old fashion traditional way of living where the woman is at home creating and building a high vibrational abundant environment while the man goes out and earns the money. We are naturally attracted to people who harmonize or balance our dominate energies which is why it is reported that you feel a humming or buzzing sound deep with in you when you meet the right person.

Chemistry between two people is literally because your energies balance each other. When we are not in balance and if we are dominantly operating in a negative fear base female or male energy we attract a mate that is dominate in the opposite negative female/male energies. These relationships usually fall apart as the tendency to operate in negative energy creates too much toxicity for them to stay together.

We are all seeking balance all the time and we choose people who help us achieve that. I naturally operate dominantly in the female energies, however I have a few female friends who are dominate in their male energies and naturally tend to choose men who are predominately female. There is nothing wrong with it. Our sexuality has nothing to do with it. It’s just who we each are and we seek the partner that balances our energies which can sometimes be the same gender. With todays mass conscious thinking that gives male energy the highest honor and leans away from the importance of the female role in creating abundance, the female within goes mostly unacknowledged or is asleep. This makes the journey to finding your balanced partner soul mate more difficult.

The call for men to awake the female within and utilize her energies to support their efforts is as loud for them as it is for woman. The more we nurture, care, soothe or affectionately love ourselves the happier and more energized the man within becomes. It is important for all of us man and woman to awake the female within, pull her out, dust her off and utilize her powers to co-create abundance. This also allows the overburdened overworked male within to rest and retreat as we have been overworking and slave driving him. The male power or energies suffer without the, soothing tender loving caring support of the female. He needs her and she needs him but most of all the planet needs us to balance so that we can start solving our global problems utilizing the nurturing caring soft gifts of the feminine.

I have been very busy working with lots of woman this week, educating them of their worth and value. Woman are naturally more intuitive and naturally more connected to Source and are hearing the call to transcend the current state of the female. The call for the female to empower herself and acknowledge her importance is loud because it is what the world needs the most today. It is time to articulate her importance and honor her magic powers of healing and nurturing. We need her tender loving care, her soothing nature, her caresses, her gentility. We need her to step up and be the powerful nurture that she is so that we can re-birth our planet to it’s naturally balanced and abundant health.

How to wake up your female powers? You can find some answers to that in some of my previous posts or stay tuned for more information coming soon. Feel free contact me if you have any questions.

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