tree path

We are created to walk a path that has been especially laid out for us.

A tree creates and sprouts a leaf that is able to serve and benefit the tree. The leaf serves the tree by reaching as far as it can to stay in the light as long as it can to absorb as much energy it can to feed the tree. The more light the leaf photosynthesizes the healthier the tree becomes. The healthier the tree is the deeper the roots grow. The deeper the roots are the more water the tree can reach for. The more water a tree absorbs the more water and support the leaf gets from the tree. The more water and support the leaf gets the stronger or better the leaf now becomes, and therefore the more fulfilled the leaf is. Like the leaf we are here to serve the greater whole in a special predestined way that utilizes our Source given gifts in ways that feeds us in return. In ways that will feel very fulfilling to us.

It has been a fulfilling and enjoyable week helping people as a psychic channeler. It feels very satisfying watching peoples energies light up when I tell them that every strange and bizarre or not normal thing about them is Source created for a greater purpose. Everything about each one of us that is good or bad or able or not able shows up in our lives as gifts or disabilities. These gifts and disabilities are given to us so that we can serve the greater good in some specific way that is needed. No one person needs to posses every skill and gift. The gifts you aren’t born with are skills you won’t need in this life to fulfill your purpose so they are not given. In fact often the skills you do not posses can often be the reason you become a lot stronger at the skills you are born with. Like our gifts, our disabilities enable us to fulfill our purpose with more ease and ability. Everything about you was consciously created so that you would be able to quell a need that currently exists in our world.

I am dyslexia, which is a disability that makes it very challenging for me to receive information by reading. I hardly ever read, it is much too laborious for me and I do not experience the same pleasures I see others get when they read. Being dyslexic caused a lot of difficulties for me in school and I was held back a couple of times because of it. However I clearly understand now, what being dyslexic has really done for me. The only way I could get through school was by really listening and focusing on what I was hearing as I wouldn’t be able to read it latter. It turned me into an even deeper intuitive psychic person than I already was because I had to lean on and develop abilities and skills that were already given to me to utilize for my survival and purpose. Psychics absorb information from places deep within our brains that are for some others harder to access. I often felt odd or different or strange for being psychic and so hid or repressed it from people, but today I feel completely the opposites. I am so busy helping people with the most personal and deepest challenges in their lives. It definitely feels like I am serving a need. The universe has plenty of readers, the world needs some people who can see spirit, or hear what is silent to most so that spirit can speak and be present for all. The psychics/channelers are here to listen to the non human voices that speaks on behalf of our greater good for the benefit of all.

Shakespeare’s Hamlet says, “nothing is good nor bad but thinking doth make it so”. Our gifts, our disabilities, our yearnings and our desires makes us who we are and we do not need to alter or judge them. The more we seek to understand who we truly are, without judgment, the more, found, we will feel in our lives because the clearer our pre-designated and most universally supported path becomes. Walking our true destined path is how we are meant to use our lives for the benefit of the grater good because we were made to serve a greater need.

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