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I took a little stroll exploring the area near the cabin I am staying at this morning. I sat down on a little wooden bridge that over looks a long grass valley. All I can hear are the birds and a dog barking. The sun is pounding on my back and bugs are buzzing all around. I am filled with joy and pleasure. There are some hard moments on this trip and high ones and this is definitely one of the high ones. I am doing exactly what I want in exactly the right kind of place. A down day relaxing in the most serene area with nothing to do but write. Awesome!

Do not get me wrong. There are some hard things about this trip. But when I find wifi and time to write I am pretty stoked and so in a pretty good mood. However I do not always stay in the positives. Nothing like a good road trip to teach you what type of spiritual growth you need. I literally had a temper tantrum in the parking lot of some motel, I don’t even know which one unpacking my car. I wasn’t that bad but I have my moments, I must say. I am tired of dealing with all my stuff each time I stop. After moving all my shit out my house for the last four months, I am dealing with way too much stuff in the car and it is driving me crazy. I am having a spiritual awakening realizing that having more than you need is a burden. Basically my self will and the universe are bumping up against each other here. More on all of that later, because you see I have an opportunity here to write about something much more exciting to me. This magic place, Idaho.

When I crossed the border and saw the sign, Welcome to Idaho, something instantly relaxed and calmed me down. I think I heard my spirit guide say, you are home. Or, maybe this feeling is just what comes when one is in a truly serene natural and peaceful setting, something writers often seek.

In fact, I had an epiphany when the host of the first airbnb place I rented told me to checkout Jack London’s retreat cabin that was near by. He must have been spirit lead to tell me about it because I had extreme clarity up there. I completely understood why Jack London wanted to be up there on a dry hill away from it all yet still have access to a fun small town, to write in solitude and have fun for a break. That is a good life. The only problem for Jack London and a lesson of course to all who want to venture deeper into nature, is, that nature rules the show. Sadly, something Jack London learned the hard way when his multimillion dollar writers retreat he built deep in the dry oak wooded hills of Sonoma burnt down. Anyway, I shall keep that in mind as that might have also been a message spirit wanted me to hear.

What I really want to write about is the experience I had last night out here under the stars in a Jacuzzi in the woods. I can’t honestly believe how fantastic this place is. I am in a cozy small cabin all to myself, in the woods watching deer chew grass through the window across from my bed. I took a shower in the outdoor shower, earlier. There is an out house but it is very clean and nicely kept. I went into town for dinner. The Caesar salad was only seven dollars and that included the added chicken, what? I came back had a nap, woke up and it was dark. I got up, walked through the woods found the hot tub and got in. I only pulled the top off half way and I rested my legs on it and the side of the Jacuzzi. I stared at the stars and the full moon through the trees and the mist. A little way a way someone was playing guitar and singing by a small fire singing a song about blue skies and free birds. He was ok, a good rhythm and a nice melody is all you need. It was more than good enough.

I accidentally stumbled across this place while panicking last week when I noticed most of the airbnb places booking up. I just randomly reserved it without really reading about it. I think spirit took care of me once again setting me up. Thanks up there!!  I have a nice long term rental next week so I wont have to move around for a while which I am very grateful for and I plan to write.

The trip is getting better and better and I can tell it is only going to get more so. Yahoo!! Lots of love Yos!