Today I spoke with one of my clients I am working with using the expansion journals and she asked me what to do when she is feeling board at work or uninspired. This particular person operates naturally in positive male energy but feels lost when it comes to activating in positive female energy. I find this is where most of us are today and I think it might be because we have so many positive male role models in film and in the media that it seems like the thing to do and be. Plus our female heros or role models are woman who activate publicly in positive male energy and do not share or show how they activate positive female energy in their lives. Sadly, today, we don’t have many examples of what it looks like to activate in the positive female energy so people are on the whole over activating in the male energies thus creating an imbalance in their lives. I find, most of my work these days is to help people activate in positive female, so I shall try as simply and as quickly as possible to explain how in this circumstance with my client’s feelings of lac of inspiration.

The female’s role is to observe her environment and access what more is needed to create an experience of abundance. So I’ll say it again and in a different way. To go female means to observe your life and ask yourself, what more of all that is good do I see I could use more of? What more is needed for me to create a higher vibrational experience for myself? What do I need more of to create a more abundant environment?

Basically, what my client could do while she is feeling uninspired at work, like I always say, is go female. How do you do that? One way, is to open up the female power book and write your assessment or observations of what more you would like to have, happen, see, be or do. Imagination is female energy so it is best to lose yourself in a day dream and picture for yourself what a more inspiring abundant life would look like. Go for it, have fun, go wild, be free make it quick or take lots of time with it. It’s a private journal, no one has to see it, dream big and as big as you like. The next step is to draw pictures around your request or add stickers and make it fun, pretty and decorative. This is to celebrate what we have asked for and raise the vibrations around it and hold it in high honor. Indigenous and triable communities rely heavily on the sacred response to their callings so they must make the call loud and clear through rituals and dances. A well known example is how American Indians call for more rain by visualizing their feet in mud and do a rain dance. After doing all of that I tell my clients to stand prepared to effortlessly co-create this new reality using positive male energy. I have been getting quite a few texts a day now from some pretty excited clients who are reporting back to me how well this is working for them.

When we utilize both our energies more we are balanced and we manifest effortlessly flowing in and out of both our female and male energies. When we have found true balance, it feels like we are being pulled instead of doing all the pulling ourselves and our lives expand effortlessly. All we have to do is to now is respond to all that is now on its way, unless there is unblocking needed.  Pushing so hard in male activation to co-create abundance with the Universe is a long uphill journey of suffering and anguish.

In a nut shell, ask yourself what is working or flowing, what is great or good and what is better and right? Then ask for more of that and more again and so there shall be more.