Yeah Road trip

Kids grown up, selling the house, single so now what?


Financially able and supported, I am totally free to do what ever the fuck I want. I know a few people who tell me they wish they could do the same. So, I am going to blog about the adventure and share it with those who would like to vicariously join me.

The plan is to just go by the seat of my pants. Or, lets just say the plan is no plan. I grew up traveling as my dad was a diplomat and I learned early on that the best way to travel, in my humble opinion is to travel spontaneously, without a plan. No matter how organized or thought out you are, traveling always plays out in its own way, thats why it’s so fun. I will however follow my intuition and guidance from my spirit guides and of course as always follow my curiosity. So, let’s see where I end up. I’m totally excited about it.

I don’t know America all that well so I’d like to get a more intimate knowledge of this country and meet lots of people. But, the main purpose for the road trip is to write the companion book for the balancing workbooks I wrote. I will be driving around stopping where ever I feel inspired and write. I will blog about it as much as possible as well.

First thing is to get the house on the market which I hope will happen in a couple of weeks. It is almost ready to show. Maybe a few more visits from the handyman with small stuff still to do and then bingo it’s up for sale. I am packed and ready so….. I will just have to be a little more patient and wait out these last couple of weeks before I get to leave. I am fighting to urge to go NOW! Yahoo! It’s on the road YO! I’m a little afraid but then that means it’s important to do. 🙂

I am on somewhat of a budget, so sometimes I will be scamping (camping to save on hotels). OR couch surfing. Or whatever.