Healing by balancing our internal energies.

Good news! The goiter on my right thyroid seems to be healing. My sister, who has a masters in community health, confirmed to me that it was indeed much smaller and possibly going away.

I had been asking her to measure the goiter for about a year to see if any of the spirit guided healing practices I was following were working. Time after time she would tell me a disappointing no. In fact, the last time I went to visit her I didn’t really want to ask her as I felt the goiter was smaller and I didn’t want her to burst my bubble. However, this time I thought she might agree with me. I moved over to sit next to her so she could measure and as I watched her face to see what she would say, her eyes lit up like fireworks. Yes! My goiter is much smaller and almost gone.

That was pretty exciting news for me not just because it means I am almost cured but because it means I can continue to trust the spirit guidance I have been receiving in regards to my health.

The goiter was only on my right side just like all my other ailments or aches and pains seemed to mostly be. Why would that be? How is it, that the left side of my body is completely healthy while the right side has multiple issues when it is exposed to the same diet and the exact same things as the right side of my body? Clearly something is out of balance in my body and since I know my body is a reflection of my spiritual health, I figured I must only be half spiritually healthy. I thought if I figured out why this was and why only half of my body was healthy I would find a cure for my right side.

As I searched for answers to those questions I also started volunteering at a horse rescue sanctuary. That is where I encountered Belle the hermaphrodite horse through whom I channeled the female/male balancing information.

Basically, when we are in dis-ease either our internal female or male is afraid. Depending on which side of your body your problems are tells you which energy is activating in fear. Rebalancing is the art of utilizing both our internal female/male energies in balanced harmonious ways to expand and grow.