Hmmmm shall I stay on a house boat in Eureka or in a converted spa motel in Fort Bragg…. Hmmmm which is more fun… I seriously reckomend doing this. I’d advise booking before the weekends though, most things are booked up but I’m not worried. The choices are fewer but I’ll find something.

That wheely back pac is a god send. We didn’t travel with bags on wheels when I was a kid and it is a whole different experience. Much much better. I walked for miles wandering Sonoma yesterday and my legs are killing me. I’ll drive mostly today so they will be rested up for the next wandering binge. My mother always told me I was a wanderer, they always had to look for me in airports or anywhere because I would always wander off exploring. Our mothers know us best.

I’m leaving Sonoma this morning. I am heading up north to Guernvile and then on to Fort Bragg up the Pac 1. I’ll spend the night where ever I can find available or worse comes to worse I’ll just sleep in my car but I’m sure I’ll find something right? Lol but I’m holding back on booking one of those above places until I see Guernvile because I may want to stay there.

Anyway this is truly fun because I’m shopping between one fun cool new place to visit or another fun cool place to visit ….. Hmmmm. Which one?

My car is a mess. I’m trying not to look like a homeless bum with a car filled to the brim with crap but it’s just the way it turned out. I had to rush off or I was going to loose a rental I booked. I remember being on the fence about booking it, not being sure if I could get everything done in time. I think,  if I hadn’t of done that I’d still be there dealing with something about that darn house. I’m hoping to get some time to go through it all and re pack properly today. It’s a bit chaotic trying to find something I need.

Well, I’m going to visit someone I know in Humbolt tomorrow and then head on to Oregon. Or maybe not, maybe I’ll hang in Humbolt for a while. I’ll keep you posted.