We have two brain lobes and a symmetrical body to operate these two opposing energies with. The left lobe serves the penetrative male energy, the right receptive female. Like riding a bicycle to propel forward we must stay balanced by pushing equal amounts of pressure to both legs and arms simultaneously. If we push with one leg more than the other for an extended period, we go around in circles or go nowhere. Balancing our two internal energies is much the same. When we are off kilter or out of balance we must start applying more pressure to the weaker energy until both energies are restored to a harmonious blended state.

At first balancing feels like we are falling out of balance. It feels like we are pulling way too much into our female energies which feels like a loss of control. It is frightening letting go of our controlling anxious frightened inner male who constantly works hard to secure our future for us. Letting go of the perception that our male actions are the source of our security, helps us flow more freely into our feminine receptive energies.

In life, like riding a bicycle, it is normal to lose balance and fall from time to time but if we want to keep going towards our destination we must get back on and push harder at first to get going to regain our balance momentum forward to continue. That is the intention of this workbook, to help you regain your balanced forward momentum towards your abundant destiny. It may require a bit of a hard-self-push to start but once you work the pages for a while, you will gain momentum and the flow of the pages will slowly pull you into a more balanced state. Thinking too hard will throw you off balance. Here, you get to relax and allow the workbook to do all the thinking for you.

How will you know when you are balanced?  It feels like you are on your right path, you have faith, you are healthy, you are excited and inspired about your life and you love being alive. You know your internal energies are harmonized and blended when your life starts to feel like it is being propel forward by a universal supporting force in a flow go inspired abundant way that intuitively feels right to you. You feel in alignment with your true destiny. As you continue to balance, your intentions begin to align more and more with the agenda of the universe’s purpose for your life, which is where your abundance awaits you.

Excerpts from the instruction manual for Energy Balancing Workbooks

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