We are supposed to feel inspire and excited about our lives.

Maybe not all the time every minute, but that is how the spirits want us to feel about being alive.

Everywhere I went today I saw tired and overworked people who also seemed a little bored and disengaged. When we don’t know how to make something happen in our life that we want to happen, we feel powerless. When we feel powerless we tend to disengage.

Are you tired of having to work extra hard to do better in life?

Do you feel trapped or in limbo without any idea on how to get ahead without working your butt off?

Do you have to work so hard that your down times is just exhaustion collapse time?

Do you have any time to do anything fun or interesting?

Are you just choosing jobs because they provide benefits but that do not inspire you?

Does it feel like something is lacking in your life?

That would describe some of the feelings of those that are interested in these female/male balancing workshops. These workshops will awaken the sleeping creative and nurturing female within that is supposed be doing half of the manifesting work in creating abundance for your life. Today we are mostly utilizing and over burdening our internal male who’m is exhausted and needs relief. Watch your life effortlessly expand as you balance your energies.