The universe constantly seeks expansion by fusing two polar opposing universal energies one receptive the other penetrative or yin yang, mass spirit, female male, dark light and there is a negative and positive version of each of these opposing energies. When these two polar opposing forces find a balanced harmonious fusion a third expansive element is born or manifested. Expansion, birth or abundance is a natural bi product of the fusion of these two polar opposing energies. Since we too are part of the universe, it was intended that we cause expansion and abundance for ourselves and others by utilizing two internal polar opposing energies equally. This workbook is designed to help guide you through the processes of balancing and fusing your internal opposing energies so that your life can effortlessly and harmoniously abundantly expand the way the universe intended it to.

Life, today has become unbalanced for many of us. For various reasons, we tend to lean more heavily on our male yang action doing penetrative energies to create security for ourselves. When we repeatedly lean on one energy more than the other the opposite energy falls asleep from lack of use and the other energy becomes depleted from overuse. In other words, we get out of balance. When we are out of balance our abundant frequency attraction level rate drops in our lives and we attract more depletion for ourselves. When our abundance drops, we think we must work harder to make enough when in fact, the opposite is true. What we really need is to connect or balance more into our internal feminine receptive energies so we are balanced. When we are balanced, we resonate at a higher frequency which allows expansion to happen through us and for us in the effortless way that nature expands when conditions are right.

Most us have been taught to work hard or to use our penetrative male energies more to build security and success for ourselves. That is one of the many contributing factors that has pushed us out of balance and drops our own personal abundance attraction rate. If we hold the perception or belief that the universe does not provide abundance for us we must work extra hard to make real what we do not believe the universe will help us make real. We lack faith and that is a problem because abundance resonates at the frequency of faith and cannot come to us unless we match that frequency.

It is our fear perceptions or our lack of faith in universal support that causes us to lean heavier on our yang energies throwing us out of balance which blocks our ability to receive the abundance the universe is trying to send us. Imagine if most of the people on the planet are out of balance? That drops the frequency abundance attraction rate of the whole entire world. That is what we are witnessing in the world today and why it is important for each individual one of us to rebalance and restore our own personal abundance attraction frequency rate for the good of the greater whole.

Through neglect or repeat social and other forms of repression of our feminine energies we have lost an understanding of how to use her powers in the way it was intended. Restoring our life to a peaceful calm, abundant and balanced relaxed flowing joyful pace is going to take waking her up, working her more and easing up on our male energies some. That can feel uncomfortable at first because manifesting through our feminine energies takes patience as often the universe needs time to deliver.

Letting our inner male yang energies off the working hard hook and trusting the universe will deliver involves taking leaps of faith. The more balanced we become the more in faith we grow, because we witness our newly awakened and active feminine energies draw more abundance towards us.

As we trust the universe more we relax. The more relaxed we are the more balanced we are and the more balanced we are the more abundant we become. As we balance we start to experience more and more universal support and we hold faith that abundance is on the way during less abundant periods. We wake up to the powers we hold to manifest when we align our will with Source’s will for our lives and we develop an unbreakable trusting bond with the universe.

We are riding a wave of time. If we ride this wave by smoothly shifting from one energy to the other like a surfer shifts their weight calmly in a balanced flow from one leg to the other we will enjoy our journey like the surfer enjoys the ride. As we shift more into our feminine energies, we will start to feel happier about life again because we will live a life we secretly truly desire. When we connect to our internal feminine we know our subconscious which is where our truth and our fears hide. Knowing our fears enables us to remove them as they are our blocks to our expansion and knowing our truth puts us on our true divine abundant path. When our female energies are fully awake, she is Source connected and holds knowledge of the presence of spirit and can be your trusted guide to an abundant future.