Belle Green

Part Two

Belle the Hermaphrodite

After a few minutes of sitting in receptive mode something came through, it didn’t take long. Usually when I channel, I see a specific person with a name but this time, I couldn’t see anyone. Instead, I saw a large round vortex with dark colors swirling around it with a deep low sound resonating from it. It was quite strange. I stared at if for a while and it felt as though the vortex was steering my thoughts. I felt gripped by this vortex and deeply connected or focused.

My thoughts were led to Belle. I was shown her not fitting in with the heard. Information came through around the visuals, that her female and male energies were out of balance. Because she is a hermaphrodite she switches from penetrative mode to passive receptive at the flick of switch. Suddenly witching from one energy to the other would cause her to fight with other males as she would turn into a stallion. Her problem was ,that her energies were all out of whack.

Before this experience with Belle, I had looked up right-side body ailments, in Louis Hay’s book, “You Can Heal Your Life”, and I read that I was out of balance in my masculine energies. The new thought pattern that she gives you to take on is, “I balance my masculine energy easily and effortlessly.” So, I did know that I was out of balance in my male energies but I didn’t completely understand what that meant or what to do about it, other than saying those words to myself. I was realizing the connection here between Belle and my disorder.

The vortex next told me, that the mass consciousness of our planet is out of balance, leaning too heavily in the male energies causing the frequency of abundance rate to drop. Our old traditions and limited thinking around genders has thrown our understanding of how to utilize both energies equally into a state of confusion and out of balance.

When we are out of balance, the universe sends us hermaphrodites as messengers to help us. Hermaphrodites switch completely and cleanly from one energy to the other demonstrating to us the different characteristics between the two energies. When we have regained a clear understanding of what and how these energies work exactly we can know how to put them back together again balanced. Each person on this planet taking measures regain balance will eventually rebalance the entire planet.

I asked, what is the state of my male energy? The vortex, tells me, depleted, tired, exhausted and frightened. Interesting, I thought. I then asked, what is the state of my female energy and it showed me my face asleep. Asleep? Well, that doesn’t sound very good, does it. Then I ask what should my male be and it showed me a man jumping into action, happy, active, adventurous, risk taking, fun, positive operating in total faith. Wow, I liked the looks of him. He was amazing. Then I asked what should my female be? And this vortex shows me my eyes suddenly opening to full width, boom, awake. It shocked me, I liked it. I don’t know what exactly happened next but my face started to spasm on the right side, the male side. It was as though a weight or tension had suddenly been lifted off the right side of my face and there was a release of pressure .

Later that night I shoot up wide awake. I feel this strange sensation inside my right brain, the female half. It felt like someone was pushing  or moving a finger on the inside of my skull. I felt part of my brain pop out, or click into a set position. I knew something strange had just happened to me. I went back to sleep and woke up again a few hours later again with another similar sensation of a finger touching the inside of my skull. This time in a different place, more to the top of my skull. Again, it felt like my brain popped open. It felt as though areas of my brain that had not been utilized or were asleep, were now suddenly awake, activated and ready to be used.

The rest of the information I channel tells us how to balance these internal energies and how our fears throw us out of balance. This information has helped me to almost completely heal my right side body ailments. YEEHAAAW!

Let me know if you have any questions or would like to know more.


Thank you. <3