its possible

Abundance can only be achieved at the resonance of 8 because that is the frequency of attraction. The female uses her powerful skills of observation to access her environment and see what more she needs to attract in order to raise the frequency to that of the resonance of 8. Most any art or music or poetry or design that is considered good, resonates at the abundant level of 8. Creating is the process by which we move and manipulate things so that they resonate at the frequency of abundance. The female within has the gift of intuition. She tunes in and listens to what it tells her to do to raise the frequency of the environment. Beautiful faces or beautiful anything resonate at the frequency of 8. That is why make up and plastic surgery do not increase attraction. Increasing the resonance of the energy imitating from anything is what makes it attractive. Insects can only exist on our planet at the resonance of 8. That is why the spirits are calling for us to awaken the sleeping female within and put her powerful intuitive gifts to work. It’s time our inner female assess what more of all that is good is needed to heal, nurture and maintain our world at the abundant frequency of 8.

I walked into a store the other day and it definitely did not resonate at the abundant level of 8. I intuitively saw that it needed more outdoor lighting, more happy vibes from the employees and better organization. It also needed something shiny, something pretty and decorative to raise the vibrations of the people working there and for the customers. The resonance of 8 is shiny and brilliant. Gold resonates at the frequency of 8 and so do all jewels. That’s why we adorn ourselves. Unfortunately when people feel poor or not abundant the first things to go are the frills which is in fact what is needed most. I did not want to stay in that store, the energy literally pushed me away

Anyway that’s that on the resonance of attraction being at level 8 frequency and if you have any questions about this please send me an email because I don’t quite understand this messaging system.

Thanks and may you have a zen happy evening.