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What am I going to do if I get really scared?

I am going to be out there in the world on my own which excites and scares me a little at the same time. I have to say I was not really that worried about it at first but after all the lectures from various friends and family members, including my sons, I’ve been having some scary thoughts at times. I won’t tell you about them because I don’t want to attract them into my reality. However, I am pretty sure I will feel frightened at times and I am going to make sure I stay as close to spirit for guidance and communication as much as possible.

Over all, I do know I will be safe, as I am not going to do anything too adventurous or risky. I am going to explore some of the more remote areas of this country though, and you never know what the heck can happen out there on the road in the middle of no where. So, I am going to be as prepared as much as possible on ways to cope with the fear. I know I will be alright, but the fear, now that might be hard at times.

So, I have found a solution, the Grim Reaper! Why? Because I already tested him out and it really worked. About a week ago, I think a night around the time the sale sign went up on my house, I heard scary noises inside the house or on the roof. I thought someone broke in thinking the house was empty. This is a large noisy old house and when you are alone the noises can scare the firkin crap out of you. It is haunted too.

As I sat up scared out of my mind wondering what I was going to do if I met an intruder, I noticed toy Grim Reaper on the shelf. I had been wondering what to do with certain things as I was packing and getting rid of things and for some reason this little toy told me not to throw him away. So, there it sat on the shelf staring back at me as I went about my life. I occasionally wondered what to do with it but that night I figured it out. As I was staring at it feeling afraid, I was also filled with thoughts of what would I do on this trip if I ever felt this afraid. I was suddenly overwhelmed with the fear of all the fears I might experience on the trip. Suddenly I realized I was sending these worries out to a plastic toy. For some reason that stole my fear. The halloween toy told me that fear is a silly halloween thing. In other words, Don’t worry! Yahoo! Thanks Grim Reaper! He is coming on the trip with me. AND if I ever feel afraid, I’ll just look at him because he will be sitting right next to me. 🙂 !

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Thanks All! Have a fab day.