Run with a heard

Going to the horse shelter today with a convoy of warrior woman (3 really :)) after we clean the stalls and feed etc we might get in the arena (I will be bare footed) and run with the horses, if the horses want to that is. And I haven’t passed this by the other two yet either and if Esta says it’s cool BUT Esta helped me do it last time I was there and I can’t stop thinking about how magical of an experience it was. Thanks again Esta if you get a chance to read this.

Since I don’t have peripheral vision I couldn’t see them but they were close right by me. I could hear them and feel their warm breath on my upper arms. I just walked slowly at first but as the horses continued following me I felt stronger more confident and I started to move at a faster pace. I have to say I felt a little afraid of the power I felt leading like that. I was a little worried about my bare feet too but they didn’t step on them. As  I felt an urge to go faster and faster I felt lighter and lighter. I guess it felt like I was starting to float or fly. It really woke me up to the full power of, to be walked with. The true reason for our relationships or to be in a heard is to feel supported and to empower each other to the point of suspension. I shall see how it all goes today. As always I reach to practice acceptance patience and zero expectations so that my day goes swimmingly well.

More blogging on this coming soon.