Twin flame stuff 💥💥 I’m a Sagittarius twin probably blue ray…. Believe me this all sounded strange to me too at first. If you aren’t part of the whole twin flame world experience this may not interest you at all, but if you are this may help.

I’m the chaser female energy spiritual intuitive twin. I’ve been doing a pretty good job at sending my male counter twin running. Can’t really blame him. I probably scare him because someplace deep down I am still scared shitless of love.

Now, I can’t speak for my twin as who knows what’s truly going on with him. It’s not my business anyway but from what I’m learning from helping other twins is that both the runner and the chaser have deep rooted fears around love. The impetus to run or chase comes from some extremely deep triggered anxiety that kicks in by some primal survival instinct. It’s almost impossible to control for either twin. The only way through it is to balance your internal energies around love which means soothe your fears. It’s a process that just takes time.

In fact, I am not so sure one can prevent the runner from running or the chaser from chasing if both have deep fears around love abandoning them. In fact, wanting one not to run or the other not to chase just means there is more fear clearing to do. Acceptance of either position is how balancing occurs. Not reacting to fear triggers by allowing fears to ride through you without acting them out in the third dimension is self-mastery and the true destination of the twin flame journey.

The runner runs because the chaser projects an energy that feels engulfing and the chaser chases because the runner projects an energy that feels abandoning. Both twins feed into the dynamic that love goes away. No matter how hard you try you can’t repress your deepest of fears from acting out if they are still active within you.

I try not to focus on labels and the whole twin flame thing too much and focus on my work, however, I have been doing so many twin flame reads lately, I’m getting more and more fascinated by the whole phenomenon. I’ve also woken up to the fact that it all completely relates to my work… Hello, energy female/male balancing the only way to balance is by curing healing fears…. It’s all part of the plan. Twins need to balance internally into their positive energies first before their energies can merge in the physical. Why? because twins are designed to balance only in the positive faith in love energies and not the negative fear belief in lack of love energy. It is that win win way the universe likes to work to motivate us to balance and grow up.

I’ve been reading cards for both runners and chasers and seeing the runner’s perspective or experience has given me a new perspective of the whole thing. It is so interesting to experience the runners whole other side of the story.

It seems the energetic male twins have mostly been jumping from one karmic relationship to the other completely disoriented and completely confused about love. It’s so fun to see the runner twins face light up when we start talking about that one person who keeps coming back into the picture that you thought was the one that you never took that seriously or if you did try it just blew up…. Yeah that one. Apparently, the male energetic twin knows and can tell that they have met their twin at first meeting as well.

Anyway, so much to say about it all. All you can really do is love the fear. Send love energy into all our own fears and call for more divine clearing. Let the runner run, of course and if they are running because they are afraid then as the balancing positive female we are becoming we can soothe and care for our male counterpart in the higher dimensions. In the end, all we can ever really do is carry on our true path and let the divine give us what we are ready for.