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All, I repeat, all, hotels from Canada to Coeur D’Alene were booked solid last night. I could not believe it. That is what you get for goofing off all day with a shaman and a soul sister and not making plans for a hotel, first. I don’t know if they are usually this fun or if it was our dynamics, but we really had a good time. It helped that these two were a couple of the funnest open minded, go for it type, I’ve met in a while. Yup! I had another incredibly spontaneously adventurous day that I did not anticipate having.

I was invited to the sister of a friend of minds house. She is a very heart warming person and I’ve always felt a connection to her so I was happy to accept. I was right, we pretty much talked non stop all day long right up until we started falling asleep on each other. I have only ever really talked to her maybe once or twice before but I always sensed we were soul family.

The next morning I was thinking I needed to hit the road and find a place to stay and organize my car again because I can’t even begin to tell you the disaster it has turned in to. I can’t change my cloth, I can barely find a tooth brush. It’s hell! It is a long story which I’ll save for another day.

The day somehow took off on me, though. In the morning I got chatting with my soul sister and she had the idea that she should invite her other spiritual metaphysical friend over to introduce us. About ten minutes later this high energy woman with long wild beautiful grey hair comes flying through the door in a layered colorful dress or skirt. I couldn’t tell. She was a vision, she flowed in like whirl and sat down. This woman is a super psychic and I sensed a shaman. She instantly sensed the reason our paths had crossed. She was none too happy about it neither. She knew I had information for her from which she was running. Basically, she was an exhausted, blue ray, runner, sleeping twin in the middle of waking up and way too tired to keep running. The conversations, to say the least, got very interesting.

She had stopped by on her way to Montana and my soul sister thought we should continue the conversation with her in the car and join her. Well, funnily enough I had thought about maybe checking out Montana this weekend. I guess the universe thought that was a good idea, too. So, we all bounced out of our seats and hopped in her volvo and headed to Montana for no real reason I could figure, but it sounded good to me.

We headed east through foothills of tall dense pines on an intimate country road along the Yaak river. Pure God country right there. Words would only insult the level of beauty this country was. The three of us headed along that winding road talking laughing and learning more and more about each other. Hello, did we gain understanding from each other about the roller coaster twin flame ride or what? Our fab soul sister was laughing in awe at some of the similarities we were experiencing in our lives. It was crazy! It was fun. We were in high vibes and stopped for lunch and water falls laughing along the way. Could’t have plan a better day.

After we got back we were pretty tired and I remembered I had to find a hotel. I had to get going. Well, motel after motel…booked booked booked. I couldn’t turn back to my friends house because it was too late. I didn’t want to bother her and I was too tired to drive anymore so, I pulled over and crashed out in my car in some neighborhood in Coeur D’Alene.

I woke up achy and soar. I am realizing that throwing myself into life sometimes means not being so comfortable. One thing I know, is I will sure enjoy my bed tonight. I’ve got one booked.

Coeur D’Alene is a very charming pretty small old town and quite and sleepy on a Sunday morning. I walked around for a bit found a coffee shop which happened to be playing my favorite music. They had the perfect food I felt like eating and wifi. I got to write. Is this going with the flow or what?

More later enjoy! Rock your comfort zone and love your life!  Luv ya yos!