The number 4

Soul Level Four

In each life we live our soul gains a little more Source Power. Each time we call in more Source power while going through a difficult time or a period of fear, the more mass density is displaced from our soul and the lighter our soul becomes. Darker souls, literally are heavier souls. The younger your soul is the more mass weight your soul has because the less lives it has had to accumulate more Source power in.

The level four soul clears one particular major fear

There is one particular fear four souls must clear before they are ready to move up to the fifth level and that is the fear of being a dark soul. Up until this point the soul has denied the truth of it’s own darkness. The level four soul is ready to clear its souls’ dark pain in front of the whole world through performance. This is the soul level of most famous performers, and are our dark artists. This is why young level four souls seek to develop and perfect an art form through which they will eventually clear this major fear through.

Jimmy Hendrix, Janis Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn and Beethoven are a few examples of high level four souls who cleared their souls’ darkness through creating and performing music. When a level four soul clears its’ darkness through an art form it helps clear some fear for whom ever listens to it, even higher levels souls.  This is how level four souls serve the greater good. Music or art created by a higher level soul although extremely skilled and well performed does not clear our darkness when we listen to it because music that was not created for the purpose of fear and pain clearing cannot clear pain and fear in others. That ‘s why higher level musicians tend not to be as famous and usually back up or support a level four artist in some way.