fusion god

Who are We and Who is Source?

There is at play in the universe a constant struggle between two forces seeking balance. These two forces or energies try to reach a harmonious momentous coexistence in unity with each other. When true balance is achieved a fusion of these energies occurs that eliminates separation. When fusion occurs a propulsion of expansive abundant growth is created. These two energies can be called female and male, yin and yang, mass and energy or physical and spirit. If we are to characterize and simplify these energies, we would call one receptive and the other penetrative.

Earth serves as a perfect condition or opportunity for life to be created through the fusion of these two energies. Spirit or Source creates life by energizing and bonding with the physical. Source is considered male or spirit while the Earth and all physical mass is considered female energy. Spirit or Male energy impregnates the physical with spirit causing fusion of the two energies giving birth to expansion, or abundance on earth.

To complicate things a little, Source or spirit is actually also a physical being. It is a conscious entity with a very low density mass weight which is why we cannot see it. Source is a physical entity that only has about two percent physicality. To clarify two percent of Source energy is represented as mass. Source has the least amount of physical mass an entity can have before it can no longer exists and Source has the highest amount of spirit energy an entity can have and still function in the physical. The two percent physicality that Source has is needed so that spirit energy can bond and hold together. When a great amount of spirit energy is condensed or contained within a small amount of mass energy it compresses the spirit energy and amplifies its power. Spirit energy without  mass is un-bonded and floats aimlessly disconnected in the universes non functioning.

When spirit energy fuses with the physical and creates life, the dual energy balance between the two forces continues to seek to maintain this balance or fusion. In fact, everything and anything that exists is a product of the expansion that has occurred as a result of the successful fusion of these two energies.

Our struggles to unify and create energy or power balance in our relationships is exactly the same struggle that the universe has in balancing these energies. All unfused energies have been separated and displaced by disturbances. When the cause of the disturbance has gone away a slow resettling or calming of the energies can occur thus allowing for fusion.

During the re-balancing process, the female energy must calm down enough to become able to receive the male energy and the male energy must become focused enough to penetrate the physical or female. When both energies stop reacting against their energetic difference they reduce their polarities. When polarities are reduced balanced can be achieved. We and everything in the universe exists in constant effort to reach or maintain fusion between two polar opposite energies within us and all around us so that expansion can continue.