pray to god

Activating my life through female energy rather than male is the new norm for me these days. However, I have to say I find letting go of my fear base male energetic ways of solving problems in life can be a little scary at times. It involves quite a test of my own faith in this rebalancing information.

As a channeler, I get powerful information but that does not mean I am any more capable of doing what is suggested than anyone else. The reason I channeled this information is because I needed to know more about my own personal health problems. The reason I was given this information was so that I could heal myself and I was told that the reason I needed healing was because I was very imbalanced. Now, as mentally unhealthy as that may sound, according to spirit, this is also the predominate state of our world and most of us today.

According to spirit, the reason we are so imbalanced is because we live in spiritually bankrupt times and spiritual bankruptcy always leads to lack of abundance. Lack of faith in the universe as supplier of our security leads to fear base negative male actions like working too hard or rushing. Believing that the way to abundance is through hard work basically means we think we have to do it all and we enslave ourselves to feel secure. Relying on our male energies only to create security basically means that our true belief is in a natural lack of abundance. The truth is that abundance is our natural state. When we try to create abundance using our male energies only, we have to work extra hard because abundance is supposed to be effortlessly created by sharing the burden between both female and male energies equally. Overburdening our male energies within our selves and in our world is literally dropping the abundance frequency in our lives and in our world and is what was making me sick.

It is sometimes important to utilize negative base energies. In fact they are given to us to use for emergencies or to propel us out of danger or panicked situations. We are not meant to utilize those energies for very long time periods of time. When we find we have to activate in our negative energies, which even when balanced is needed sometimes, it is imperative that we calm and soothe those adrenal energies as soon as possible. Living in a constant state of high adrenal stressful energies is literally dropping our attraction frequency which blocks abundance. When we drop our abundant attraction frequency we literally have to work harder. It is a vicious cycle that can simply be healed by shifting into positive female energies.

How do we stop using our adrenal base negative fear base energies to achieve what we need? We have to start developing our own personal relationship with spirit and follow our own individual spirit guided path to abundance.



The significance of the number three, in the spirit realm, I channel is that we are here as a threesome. We are three things, our soul which is is a fragment of Source, then there is our physical self and the third party is our spirit guides. We are here to build abundance with the guidance and support of our spirit guides who translates Source’s will for us. When we connect to our spirit guides and Source we start a more harmonious way of creating a life we desire.

At the workshop last week everyone requested more guidance on how to connect and develop their own personal relationship with spirit and Source. That will be our focus this week and I will show everyone how I channel and converse with spirit. Bring your tarot cards and a white candle and any crystals and lets help you develop your own special commune with spirit. It will be fun of course as that is positive female! YAH!