That was a pretty exciting and hair raising experience, for sure. The most interesting thing that comes to mind about the whole incidence was the timing in the running into that woman on the top of the hill. She kept telling me how strange it was that she just randomly went outside for no reason. I told her I believe in good spirits helping us and she agreed. She added she believed in Jesus. Two positive spirit guided female crossing paths reassuring each other of our good female intentions.

She was just in a long shirt and underwear. She said she was surprised to see me there. She said she usually hears it when someone drives down that road. That is because I am in a super quite car. It’s a fun drive down country lanes in that car with the windows open because all you hear are your tires rubbing against the gravelly cement and the birds singing. Anyway, I explained what happened and she told me the GPS devices always take people to the back of his property. She didn’t know why that kept happening. She was nice and helpful invited me inside her rather cozy warm tiny cabin with an amazing endless view of the pines. She offered me a glass of wine while she got dressed.

I had no cell service of course. Cells phones don’t do jack out here. In fact, let me tell you the most important and reliable tool during the day, of course, the sun. In the afternoon if I want to head west, it should be right in my face. Simple as that.

The person I was renting the cabin from is her distant neighbor whom she didn’t know, but of whom she had just been given his card and number….. funny universe. So, she gives him a call and he does not answer. She then suggested we walk over to her friend’s trailer down the way who has a truck and a rope and could probably pull me out. He was not there. I started to worry because it was getting late. Just then a truck rolls up and she flags down the driver, a friend. She explains what happened. He pulls over and parks. He marches past us down the hill towards my car in that male focused way. He opens my car door, gets in, shuts the door and pulls off the hand break and lets the car roll all the way down the hill reversing all the progress I had made. He then puts the car in drive and punches the gas peddle and shoots that mother up the hill. My wheels spinning, grinding, missing and sliding back and forth all over as he just held that peddle down. Wow, it worked. That is how you drive a car out of a bind. You fucking punch it, gain momentum and bust through it. Whoohoo! Alright! That was some fun positive in faith male energy right there. Apparently he is a professional driver. Now isn’t that perfect.. hello.. I didn’t’ have to hire a tow truck or stay there all night waiting for a tow or worse sleep out there all alone in my car. No, the Uni said, hey, lets just send her a pro driver, that’s all she needs.

After all of that I didn’t want to try looking for the cabin the other way because I was so shaken by that experience but I thought, maybe it’s not so bad or hard, I should try to check it out. Well, I did. I drove miles and miles down another dark oaky piney dirt road with lots of pot wholes and ditches. After about fifteen minutes of that, I said, no way José, I’m out of here and turned around. I never made it, it got too dark, no nothing out there. No GPS, no phone service, no lights. Just lots and lots of deer prancing around, which was pretty magical.

Basically, I was taken care of by the kindness of strangers. We really are all here for each other. And I am really grateful to both those nice helpful people. I do think spirit sent her out to help me.

Eventually I found my back to the main road and headed to the nearest place to find a room. I found the perfect place…… Faulty towers of California. I’ll explain later. All for now. Thanks for following lovely friends and family. LOTALUV!!

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