energy flame

We are all becoming very aware of how the population explosion and how we live is depleting our planet of it’s natural life sustaining resources. We can also see how the animals are becoming extinct, how the abundant level of bees is dropping and that most of our bodies of water are polluted. In this blog post I will tell you what the spirits want us to do to turn all of these problems around.

They are asking that we literally take a leap of faith and totally change our way of fixing things and shift out of problem solving tendencies or fear base male energy activation. They are asking that we stop trying to think our way out of our problems. Instead the spirits ask that we turn our energy into abundant nurturing energy and seductively call in abundance to ourselves. Until the majority of us start activating in positive nurturing and seductive female energy we will not see the abundance of our planet return.

If you imagine a long row boat with a long line of heavy men on one side and a small amount of females on the other side,  the boat will tilt over and eventually dump everyone out. When we balance the boat and allow an equal amount of weight of females on the female side of the boat all the people in the boat are safe and the ride possible. The spirits are literally saying WOAH GUYS the boat is totally lopsided, our energies are unbalanced.

We are not doomed as it is popular to believe and we are not destined for a major disaster unless we really insist on not listening. The problem is not over population, the problem is not greed, the problem is not desperation, the problem is not lack, the problems is FEAR. We have a mass consciousness concept or shall we say we have a collective whole belief in the power of lack and that there is not enough. When we are driven and motivated out of fear it causes us to drop our vibrations which causes the frequency of abundance to drop in our lives.

After the trauma of WWII and the depression our mass consciousness went into LACK BELIEF which threw our grandparents and parents into negative male energy. We have all taken it on as the way to create abundance in our lives. Negative male energy is important as it is needed to pull us out of danger and protect us from our attackers but we are not supposed to stay stuck in it. Staying stuck in negative over drive fear base energy is literally depleting our planet.

The problem is, when we activate in negative male energy which is a frightened male, where does our female go? She hides as she is unsafe. She drops into remission and puts her abundant creating powers to sleep. We are here to co-create abundance with Source using our female power and she must stay wide awake and connected to Source for this to happen. When she is hiding in fear because her male is not protecting her, she cannot utilizer her magic which is key for creating all the abundance we seek.

How can we turn this around? As fast as you can literally turn your body. If we all start releasing our belief in lack and instead articulate to ourselves and the spirits what we see as more needed, we will instantly switch to an abundantly creating energy. It is by changing our thoughts from, “oh my god, we don’t have enough”, to, “oh, look, here is what we need more of,” that will change the outcome of our current course of destruction. When we have made the call to the universe for what more is needed, we must then prepare our selves with positive optimistic male energy to leap on it when it comes.

Switching to positive female energy means we are in complete faith of the universes ability to provide for us. When we activate our lives in complete faith that we are being provided for we do not see the need to be greedy and grab more than we need. Our choices will be more gentle on each other and on our planet. We will stop this rape and pillage of our natural resources. We will be more available to help each other as we wont be so driven to work so hard. We will share our own created abundance as we are not afraid of it gong away and we are no longer motivated to just make “our” own ends meet. We become whole or big picture conscious and when we are “big picture conscious” we make choices that does not harm others. When we believe in the never ending and constant circulation of abundance we can leave the poor animals in peace or perhaps co-habitat with them better and share our environment. The point is that we do not need to live this way. We have lost sight of what all the ancient cultures did not, and that is in the power of the female energy to create abundance.

For more understanding on how to activate in the positive female and male energies check out my other posts and the website. Please feel free to ask me anything. It is simple but more explanation is perhaps needed.

May the man in you be ready to courageously retrieve the abundance that your female has called.