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Cards get to the heart of the matter

I had a lot of fun this week giving love card reads. I’m telling you, nothing is more satisfying than shifting people from fear to faith. Nothing! Nothing, I tell you! That is what I do and who I am. The cards help me do it every time and I wouldn’t be able to do it without them.

Not always but often people come to psychics when every thing else has failed and nothing else they have tried has set them free of the suffering in their heart. I mostly get young woman but lately, I am glad to say, I have been stopped in coffee shops from frantic young men needing reads.

I’m telling you, when the shit hits the fan people come to the psychic. Why, because it is the only thing they haven’t tried so far and what people find when they try it, is the thing that is lacking the most these days, emotional support and faith. I find people often come to me on the verge of tears and I know right away when I first see their faces that they are about to cry. I often find myself telling people even before we pull the cards, don’t worry it’s all going to be better now….your fears around this are now over. And sure enough we pull the cards thats breaks things wide open. Their faces light up when they understand the simplicity of the situation and the light comes crashing through.

I love watching peoples faces light up when they discover that the root of all their problems is that they have simply lost contact with their hearts. Often we go on day after day thinking and scheming our way through life’s problems without consulting our hearts. Eventually we loose total connection with our heart, which is our true inner guide and we become lost. Eventually the fight between our heart and  head gets so loud you go see a psychic or you just breakdown. That my friends is exactly when God gets you. Bam! We shift you, me God and you. We send you off on your way in faith, smiling and back on your hearts true path. You have no idea how often I have to tell people to stop listening to their heads AND listen to your heart I say it over and over and over you have no idea.

I know a lot of people are afraid of the tarot and think that it invites evil or darkness. Let me tell you all my friends, darkness or if you believe in evil, which I don’t, lurks at the door all the time. That is the nature of the dark it is always present. It seeks expansion through you as so does the divine. You get to choose who is aloud to expand through you. You are the chooser and if you do not choose and invite the divine to expand through you than evil will or the dark will. So, my job is to inform all of you that the divine light way out shines the dark but divine light waits and asks to be invited unlike the dark energies that just invade. So, it is important to invite in the divine light which blasts out all darkness like an explosion. When I do my reads I always invite in the positive divine light of love expansion and we know that in the presence of that Light no darkness can exist. So, I have no fear around the dark intruding through my tarot reads because I have invited in the divine.

I used to be worried that my reads might not be right or what if I gave someone the wrong advice and what if it doesn’t come true bla, bla, bla, bla. Well, I woke up to the reality that we create our own reality and the cards you pull are the reality the cards your higher consciousness needs you to believe in. The cards you pull are the truth the universe wants you to have faith in first in order for that reality to manifest for you. Cards reveal a truth you have not been listening to something you know already deep down but can’t hear for some reason. Something you have been sitting on that won’t go away. In other words it reveals your heart and your heart never ever ever lies. Your heart is directly connected to Source or the universe. Follow your heart and you walk with the divine….. end of story.

I find it so much fun to send someone home believing in their hearts truth. I tell them to forget the boloney fear junk that goes on inside the head, listen to your heart. Forget the fears that stop you from living it, just drop them. Forget your head, follow your heart, it knows, it knows, it knows!